Wesco Material Handling Equipment: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Purchasing Them in Bulk

A green Wesco pallet jackWhen you’re looking for the right type of equipment to move your material whether it’s heavy-duty item or large quantities, it’s imperative that you get the right kind of material handling equipment, less you end up spending more time trying to complete a task due to fumbles and other unfortunate mishaps that can occur during transport. 

Challenges of Buying in Bulk 

You can go to your local home improvement store and get what you need. You might even get away with getting a couple of material handling items. But what happens if they run out of stock? Material handling equipment of any kind takes up a considerable amount of real estate on the sales floor. So the likelihood that there will be a fleet of them on hand for you to purchase in bulk are pretty slim. Chances are they’re going to have to order it for you and it’s not going to be cheap. 

Shopping for the Right Supplier 

If you find yourself having to order a bulk amount of material handling equipment, then the best thing to do is find a wholesale distributor that sells what you’re looking for. However, it’s in your best interest to find a distributor that offers more than one product. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself managing multiple invoices from different distributors for a cost that’s far more expensive than getting it from one place. 

Douglas Equipment has access to major companies that offer a variety of material handling equipment and casters. They have partnered with major manufacturers that provide a wide catalog of material handling solutions. Wesco is one of these manufacturers. 

Buying Wesco Material Handling Equipment 

It could be said that Wesco is best known for its hand trucks because they offer so many different kinds. However, Wesco offers so much more.

Let’s explore some of the material handling solutions that are available to you to buy in bulk, and possibly at a discount price. 

  • Hand Trucks 

Hand trucks are the most accessible tool for moving oversized items from one place to the next. You can find them at your home improvement and office supply stores. They even make them so that they’re lightweight, portable, and easy to store. However, hand trucks like that or dollies—which by the way, is the wrong term for this equipment but we’ll talk about that later, can only hold a certain amount of weight. If you’re operating a business where a heavy load needs to be transported here and there on frequent basis, then what you require is a heavy-duty hand truck, and that’s where Wesco’s equipment comes in.

Wesco has a series of 11 different hand trucks to meet any handling need.

Take look at Wesco’s online catalog of hand trucks here. 

  • Pallet Jacks 

Smaller items that are moved in bulk are usually placed on a pallet. But the real question is how do you move the actual pallet? Pallets alone weigh quite a bit because it needs to be strong enough to hold a considerable amount of product.

Oftentimes, when business owners buy they purchase in bulk, and distributors may sell by the pallet. This means that their warehouses are going to need something that moves the pallet. Here again, Wesco has the equipment you need. With approximately 30 different kinds of pallet jacks to choose from, you’re sure to find the one suitable for your unique needs.

You can view Wesco’s online catalog of pallet jacks here. 

  • Drum Handling Equipment 

If you’re business is transporting liquid substance of any kind, chances are you’re using a drum to store it in. Whether you’re using metal, plastic, or aluminum, it doesn’t matter if the drum itself is made of heavy or lightweight material. Once it’s filled to capacity, it’s going to be a challenge to move. 

Wesco has a selection of drum handling equipment for simple transportation use. Wesco also has drum slings and dispensers as well as drum faucets, valves, and the like if you need to extract a certain amount of content from within. 

Here’s a list of Wesco’s drum handling equipment here. 

  • Lift Equipment 

Don’t put anymore strain on your warehouse workers than necessary. If your business requires you to transport oversized items, take a look at Wesco’s Lift Equipment. They have pallet levelers and stackers as well as furniture movers, scissors and die lift tables that are manual or hydraulic. 

You can view Wesco’s selection of Lift Equipment Series online here. 

  • Platform Trucks, Carts, & Dollies 

Remember when we mentioned earlier that hand trucks are sometimes mistaken for dollies? You were probably wondering, “Then what is a dolly?”

We heard you. Now here’s the answer:

A dolly is a small platform on wheels that’s intended for carrying heavy objects.

There you have it!

And Wesco has those too!

Wesco carries a variety of dollies for industrial, office, service, and construction needs. Whether you’re trying to deliver mail to an office of 50 people, move computers to one conference room to the next, transport a bulk amount of library books from one floor to the next or move a heavy-duty machinery, where you want to shop for all of that is right here. 

  • Dock and Shipping Equipment 

Lastly, after moving all of that product around, it needs to be placed somewhere. Wesco offers plenty of wire shelving solutions along with accessories that allow you to custom design your own shelving unit. Other things you might not think about is the need for trailer stabilizing jacks, strip doors, dock lights, fork extensions, wheels, and etc. 

Douglas Equipment Has it All 

That’s why Douglas Equipment’s customer service department is on hand to help you improve your business operations by the bulk. Remember, with Douglas Equipment, you can purchase a fleet of material handling equipment in bulk. This allows you to shop in one place for everything you need in regards to moving product.

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