Wesco Hand Trucks: The Last Hand Truck You’ll Ever Need

Wesco Hand Trucks: The Last Hand Truck You’ll Ever Need.Here at Douglas Equipment we have extremely high standards. We always strive to offer our customers the very best, so we therefore only source from the best manufacturers, both in the USA and overseas. In short, if you order an item from our company, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be getting the very best that your money can buy.

Want the Best in Hand Trucks? Then Choose from the Great Selection Offered by Wesco

If you’ve read any of our previous articles, then you’ll understand that we often champion the products that are manufactured by Wesco. From relatively small beginnings, Wesco now has facilities in seventeen countries all over the world. It truly is a global leader in all solutions for multiple business sectors. The company has experienced a remarkable level of growth from its very humble roots that were planted back in 1922.

In terms of what they do, Wesco commands the number two market share in the whole of the USA, and the number one share in Canada when it comes to hand trucks. It’s no wonder we’re always been so apt to recommend Wesco products to our customers.

Buy a Wesco Hand Truck and You Won’t Go Elsewhere for Your Next Purchase

We offer a range of hand trucks that are manufactured by Wesco. Here are some quick details about a few of our more popular Wesco Hand Truck products:

  • Touch-N-Tilt Style Hand Truck Series

There are two models that we stock in this range, the basic model and the drum/hand truck.

The basic option itself comes in six different styles, as follows:

  • TNT56P
  • TNT56PE
  • TNT56R
  • TNT56Z
  • TNT56Z2
  • TNT56Z8

All models are designed using a ‘touch and tilt’ ergonomic hand truck style, making them perfect for the transportation of packages effortlessly. Press down on the pedal. The effort required to transport the load is reduced by as much as two-thirds. The basic model features a curved back-handle design, 10” diameter wheels and a nose plate that measures 14 x8 inches. All models have a capacity of between 500 – 700lbs.

You have a choice of six different models, all with slight differences in capacities and dimensions. If you are unsure as to which model would best suit your needs, just give us a call and we’ll help you come to a decision.

The drum/hand truck is also within this range and comes in three varieties – 156DH-HB, 156DH-P and 156DH-Z. This is a multi-function device and can be used as a normal hand truck or to transport drums. The hand truck is supplied with a chrome hook that works with both 55 and 30-gallon drums. The capacity of the trucks within this range stretches from 700 to 800 lbs. Again, call for advice if you’re unsure about the model that will best suit your needs.

  • For a Little More Power – Try the CobraPro Series

Hand trucks are meant to be operated by hand – hence the name ‘hand’ truck. This is usually not a problem, but if someone is using a hand truck for most of the day moving small items around your warehouse facility, then it’s likely they will grow fatigued quite quickly.

You can help make their job a little easier by investing in one of Wesco’s powered hand trucks. There are two main powered hand trucks manufactured by Wesco and stocked by our team at Douglas Equipment – the CobraPro Senior, and the CobraPro Junior.

Beginning with the junior model, this lightweight hand truck is constructed from Aluminum, and comes in two configurations – two-wheel and four-wheel. The two-wheel model has a load capacity of 600 lbs. and the four-wheel model has a capacity of 1,200 lbs.

This powered hand truck comes with grips that enable more coordinated control than other non-powered hand-trucks. The battery-powered unit provides power to the pneumatic wheels, and can operate in both forward and reverse modes. Extra strength is given to the unit by 3 frame cross braces.

The Senior Model

The senior model is virtually identical to the junior model, but is taller (62”, as opposed to 52”). It weighs slightly more, but the load capacity is exactly the same. It is sturdier with 4 frame cross braces as opposed to 3.

Both models come with a 2-year frame warranty.

As mentioned above, these models have two different configurations which will help them prove to be versatile additions to your hand truck fleet. You can use the CobraPro model as a traditional hand truck with a toe plate, or you can re-configure them so part of the frame becomes a trolley bed. When in four-wheel mode, power is still given to the (now front) wheels, with casters helping support the load at the back.

Wesco Hand Trucks: The Last Hand Truck You’ll Ever Need.

Plenty of Other Hand Truck Options from Wesco

There are many other styles of hand trucks manufactured by Wesco that we have available. For example, if your routes usually take your employees up and down several flights of stairs, then the variety of stair-climbing hand trucks will help your employees reduce the amount of fatigue they suffer as part of their work day. There are also specialty trucks for certain tasks, such as for the movement of vending machines. There are even heavy duty models for when you are required to lift and transport large loads on a regular basis.

Wesco is one of those brands that our customers go back to time and time again. The reason? They know they are going to get a reliable product that’s going to provide them with invaluable services year after year.

Why Not Find out More About Wesco’s Amazing Range of Exceptional Hand Trucks?

We’ve only skimmed the surface of what Wesco can supply when it comes to material handling equipment for your business. To learn more, why not give one of our specialists at Douglas Equipment a call today at1-800-451-0030, or contact us via our online web form.