What are Translucent Wheel Casters?

What are Translucent Wheel CastersYou may think a caster is a caster. It’s a wheel that’s mounted in a casing that may or may not swivel. That’s all there is to it, right?

Just like most things in life, casters come in all shapes and sizes, and for all types of applications. One style of caster may be suitable for one application, but could be wrong for another.

Case in point; say you have heavy items that are shoved around your warehouse day in and day out. These monsters are so huge, it takes at least two grown men to set them in motion. Now, say you have chairs in your office. These two are caster-mounted so they are easier to maneuver, but pretty much stay in the same place throughout the working day.

So, would you use the same type of casters for both these applications? Of course not!

Different Casters for Different Applications

Introducing the Translucent Wheel Caster

It may surprise you to learn that there is such a thing as a translucent wheel caster. You probably know what translucent means, but you might not be able to see how such a term could be applied to the working world of casters.

If you don’t know what translucent means, it means a substance that allows light but not definition to pass through it – so you can see vague shapes through the material, but not definite objects.

You’ve probably seen translucent wheel casters in operation, but you’ve probably not been aware that you have. Translucent wheel casters are very commonly found on skateboards, as they are supremely suitable for such a use, and they look good too. In fact, most translucent wheel casters are authentic inline skate wheels.

So, what’s the main advantage of using translucent wheel casters on items that are not skateboards? Well, they bring three main attributes to any application:

  • Speed

  • Smoothness

  • Style

Most casters will provide any application with those first two attributes, but with translucent wheel casters that third element – style – is perhaps the most important. If you are a retailer who is selling caster-mounted office furniture, then for some of your items, style is just as important as ergonomics. Most companies want to impress clients and to provide their employees with a stylish place to work. Why purchase office chairs and other items with boring old black casters when you can use stylish translucent wheel casters instead?

Practical Reasons to Invest in Translucent Wheel Casters

Most translucent wheel casters are manufactured from polypropylene. Some will have a polypropylene core but PVC tread, which makes them safe on all kinds of floors, including hardwood. The last thing you’ll want is for your stylish floors to be marked by your casters, so translucent wheel casters are always a good option in this case. Each caster will have a load-bearing capability of around one hundred pounds, so you will need to have chairs with three, four or five casters to help spread and bear the load, and to keep your employees or clients sitting comfortably.

Other Benefits of Translucent Wheel Casters:

  • Noise reduction:

    Translucent wheel casters are a popular choice in busy offices when noise and disruption is usually kept to a minimum. Harder wheels such as steel or cast iron can soon develop annoying squeaks that can set your employees’ teeth on edge. The wheels also act as decent shock absorbers, adding to the comfort capacity of the items they are mounted upon. Translucent wheel casters are even quiet over uneven terrain.

  • Load bearing capabilities:

    As mentioned above, translucent wheel casters have a decent amount of load-bearing capability when compared to, say, rubber casters. Rubber is the best solution if you really want to enhance noise reduction, floor marking and shock absorption, but you do so at the reduction of comfort. You may also need more casters if you select rubber, thus increasing your costs.

  • Friction:

    Despite having style, translucent wheel casters are still hard-working little units. They minimize friction when in motion, meaning items with translucent wheel casters remain easy to support. If your office chairs or items of furniture are difficult to move because you have chosen casters that create high amounts of friction, then you will soon tire out your employees, plus there is always the risk of injury.

  • Floor protection:

    Office floors see a lot of traffic so anything that reduces wear and tear on floors has to be a good idea. You certainly do not want to be replacing your office floor every few months.

Additionally, if you have invested in a plush-looking office with stylish flooring such as hardwood, you are not going to want to see that floor become ‘streaky’ because your casters leave trails whenever they are moved. You can reduce the risk of this happening by investing in translucent wheel casters.

  • Hard-working and long-lasting:

    If style is important then you might go for expensive casters that look as though they were cut from diamonds. The issue you will then have is that such casters are expensive in the first place, and expensive when they need replacing. They will not last as long as more heavy-duty casters, meaning they will have to be replaced on a frequent basis. If you have fifty office chairs each with five casters, then you will constantly have to purchase expensive caster replacements.

Translucent wheel casters are hard working and resistant to corrosion, but they still look great. What you sacrifice in ‘perfection’ you will gain in cash savings.

At Douglas Equipment, we can supply your company with translucent wheel casters, as well as many other types of casters for all types of applications. We only supply casters from companies with excellent reputations – firms such as Shepherd, Colson and Faultless. We only source the best, as we only want to give the best to our customers.

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