South Florida’s Lead Distributor of Drum Handling Equipment

South Florida's Lead Distributor of Drum Handling EquipmentAsk us who we think South Florida’s Lead Distributor of Drum Handling Equipment is and we’re sure to provide you with an accurate answer! The supplying of drum-handling equipment is one of Douglas Equipment’s genuine specialties. We understand that drums can be awkward and challenging to move around. They’re heavy and due to the settling of their contents, they can be heavier at the bottom than they are at the top.

To move drums safely and without hazard, you need to make certain that you have reliable equipment. Substandard pieces of equipment are simply not worth the risk – heavy drums have the potential to cause injury and even worse.

Here we are going to take a quick look at some of the types of drum-handling equipment that we have available at Douglas Equipment.

Consider a Drum Lifter for Ease of Movement

Drum lifters lift drums – it really couldn’t be any simpler! There are several types of drum lifters that you can invest in, including open-head drum lifters, vertical drum lifters and hoist-mount drum lifters.

For the best items for drum handling equipment we’re always keen to recommend the products from Wesco, and we thoroughly recommend their vertical drum lifter. This clamping device will secure to the top of your drum, meaning that your drum can then be hoisted upwards via a chain assembly.

This device hides away neatly when not required, being only 19.5” H x 32.5”W. It also weighs only 51 lbs. and is capable of lifting drums up to 1,000 lbs. in weight. This item comes with a 90-day warranty for peace of mind.

Purchase an Attachment for Heavier Items

Your facility probably already has a fleet of forklifts, and you may use them to load drums onto for transporting them from your facility. Wouldn’t it be easier for the forklifts to deal with the movement aspect in one single sweep without having another process to load drums onto them?

MORSpeed TIM Forklift Attachment

You can do exactly that with a MORSpeed TM Forklift Attachment from Morse. This ingenious piece of equipment allows the speedy handling of rimmed drums, using only your forklift. You’re able to lift, transport and replace drums right from the convenience of your forklift. This device simply slips onto the front forks of your forklift quickly and easily. It’s then made safe by the application of a chain. You can mount this device in less than a minute, and there are no tricky electrical connections to be made.

As you raise the forks of your forklift, the attachment will grip the drum’s upper rim using strong steel jaws. You can use this attachment on plastic and fiber drums as well as steel – any diameter but with a minimum height of 24”. The maximum capacity that this attachment can handle is 1,500 lbs.

There are several different types of forklift attachments from Morse, so make sure you speak to a member of our expert team to ascertain which is likely to be the most suitable for your business.

For Manual Handling, Choose from a Wide Range of Trucks and Carriers

Sometimes you just want to get a drum quickly from Point A to Point B. Perhaps you haven’t the facilities to use overhead carriers, and you don’t want to use a forklift to swiftly move a drum a short distance. You could use a normal hand-truck, but that entails loading a drum onto it which can be hazardous.

It’s far better for you to use a specialty piece of equipment for the manual handling of drums. From Wesco’s excellent range of drum-handling items you can select from high-lift hydraulic drum trucks, pallet truck drum lifters, economy hydraulic drum trucks, economy vertical drum carriers, open drum trucks and drum carriers and dispensers.

The Wesco Pallet Truck Drum Lifter is a great addition to your fleet if you move drums around on a regular basis. This specialty drum truck is constructed from the finest steel and has a loading capacity of 660 lbs. Traction is provided by 8” nylon wheels and 1” casters. The casters help support the drum as you move it around.

Morse also Manufactures an Excellent Range of Specialty Drum Trucks

Morse also manufactures a large number of drum trucks, including two and three-wheel drum trucks, plus four-wheel drum trucks for sturdier applications.

The two and three wheel models are capable of moving thirty, fifty-five and eighty-five gallon drums up to a maximum capacity of 1,000 lbs. The wheels are either made of rubber or sturdy polyolefin. These lightweight trucks (they average at around 40 lbs. in weight) are inexpensive and extremely easy to use.

The four-wheel drum truck is even easier to use! You simply slide the prongs of the truck under the drum and then tilt backwards. Traction and support is provided by four 8” polyolefin wheels. Once you move the drum to where it needs to be, you simply raise the truck and dispense the drum precisely where you want it.

This piece of equipment can handle all the standard drum sizes from 14” to 28” in diameter, and between 30” – 41” in height. It has a maximum load capacity of 1,000 lbs.

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