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Noise Reducing Caster Wheels for The Medical Industry

Noisy casters can be extremely annoying. Poorly chosen casters can clatter across many kinds of floor surfaces, and noisy treads can squeak and make high-pitched sounds that are likely to set your teeth on edge!

Noise reduction is not mandatory in hospitals or other kinds of medical facilities, but patients are always grateful for a little peace and quiet, especially those who are finding it difficult to get sufficient rest. Hospitals are busy places that operate 24/7, so constantly disturbing a patient could very well prolong their recovery.

Here are three noise reducing caster wheels for use in the medical industry:

Stainless Hospital Series by Shepherd


Noise Reducing Caster Wheels for The Medical Industry

These casters have been specially designed for use in medical facilities and comes in three main varieties – hollow kingpin, threaded stem and swivel top plate.

Manufactured from polished stainless steel these casters have dual ball swivel raceways for added strength and precision ball bearings in the wheels that allow for easier roll-ability. They can be supplied with total lock brakes or directional lock brakes, and the wheels have full plastic thread guards for added protection from debris.

Three wheel choices are available:

  1. Thermoplastic rubber
  2. Anti-microbial thermoplastic rubber
  3. Thermoplastic polyurethane

For noise reduction, we recommend the purchase of either non-anti-microbial or anti-microbial thermoplastic rubber wheels.

Colson Contour Solis Specialty Medical Casters

Noise Reducing Caster Wheels for The Medical Industry

This beautifully designed caster by Colson is precisely what’s needed when it comes to hospitals and other medical facilities. The entire ‘workings’ of the caster are hidden behind an aluminum shell, and the wheel rotates on a precision axle that’s designed for smooth operation and to extend the lifetime of the caster. The bearings are created with such precision that they will render the need for maintenance down to zero, and improve maneuverability.The wheels are made from grey polyurethane and will roll smoothly to create little to no noise. This, coupled with the aluminum shell means they are among the quietest rolling casters that you will find available anywhere.Items that these casters are mounted upon will have a maximum load capacity of 242 lbs.

Watch this Colson video that gives you a peek into their operation:


Other Noise Reducing Casters & Wheels from Douglas Equipment

Your go to guys for casters is Douglas Equipment. Our company manufactures a complete line of casters, all specifically designed for use in the medical industry.

For quiet operation we recommend our top plate models. These come with thermoplastic rubber wheels that will not make excessive noise during operation. The wheels also have easy roll ability and can be supplied with total lock brakes or directional lock brakes. The sealed design of these casters helps to prevent debris such as hair or water from entering the workings and affecting their operation.

Here at Douglas Equipment we’re always ready to help. To speak to a member of our expert team, call 1-800-451-0030. You may also contact us using our online contact form. We also fulfill custom orders inquire today!