What You Need to Know to Choose the Best Caster

What You Need to Know to Choose the Best CasterIf you’re not quite sure what a “caster” is, you would definitely know one when you see it. A caster is a wheel that attaches to something to make it mobile, and casters can be found in countless locations worldwide.

Casters make everyday objects move quickly and easily. They’re commonly seen attached to desk chairs and shopping carts, but are also frequently used in hospitals and retail settings. There are many caster styles available and each is designed to fulfill a specific purpose or function in a particular type of environment. Therefore, if you are in need of casters, there are numerous characteristics, circumstances, and factors to consider to ensure you purchase the perfect ones for your needs.

When shopping for casters, contemplate the following before securing a purchase:

  1. The Type and Weight of the Furniture

To choose the best possible caster for a piece of furniture, you should consider the type and weight of the furniture first. Avoid guessing the weight of the furniture. If you guess the wrong weight and choose a caster that is not capable of holding the weight of the object it is attached to, the furniture could be damaged or people could get hurt if the casters fail.

Once you know the weight of your piece of furniture, begin your search for the ideal caster. When you find a style you like, multiply the maximum capacity of the caster by the number of casters you plan on attaching to your piece of furniture. The number you get is your maximum total weight. If your piece of furniture exceeds the maximum capacity of the casters, you should find a new caster.

You should also determine if the weight of the furniture will be distributed evenly on all sides. If one side will be heavier than the other, then you should attach more casters to the heavier side. Generally with heavy loads it is better to have bigger wheels, because they roll easier.

  1. The Type of Movement Required

When you’re on the search for the perfect casters, make sure you get ones that support the type of movement you’re looking for. Ask yourself how you want the piece of furniture to move and how often. For example, you might want your desk chair to rotate 360-degrees, but only need your bookshelf to be capable of moving back and forth.

  1. The Type of Flooring Involved

Before choosing the right caster for your needs, you should take into account the flooring the casters will come into contact with.

If you have smooth floors, like wood, laminate, or tile, soft casters are probably the best option for you. Soft casters are typically made from polyurethane or rubbers and will prevent scratches and marks from damaging your floors.

With carpeting, you will probably want to choose casters that won’t snag the carpet every time the piece of furniture moves. Hard casters are the best option for carpet. Furthermore, if you have extremely thick carpet, the bigger the wheels the better!

  1. Special Features Available

If there are any special requirements you have for the casters you’re looking for, make sure to look for them! Many casters are equipped with locks or shock absorbency, which make the function of the casters safer for the people nearby.

  1. Different Kinds of Bearings

Bearings are what make the wheels go. They ultimately effect the productivity of the object the casters are attached to. There are a few options available in bearings, and you should choose the one that best fit the purpose you would like to achieve.

Roller bearings, for instance, are the standard type of bearing for industrial applications. Ball bearings make rolling a breeze and require less effort to start rolling.

  1. How the Caster Attaches to the Furniture

There are two main types of casters when it comes to how they attach to furniture: post and screw-on. A post caster has a socket that is inserted into a piece of furniture’s leg or corner, in which a straight piece of the caster is inserted into the socket.

A screw-on caster has a flat piece of metal that holds the caster into place and is screwed to the bottom of the piece of furniture.

  1. How the Caster will Look

If the casters on your piece of furniture are going to be visible, you might want to consider the appearance of them. There are ways to cover casters if you don’t want them to show. For example, you could apply a piece of fabric that covers the wheels. Or you could purchase casters you don’t mind showing off! There are many attractive caster options out there.

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