Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Casters

Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel CastersAre you searching for the ideal caster? At Douglas Equipment Company, we have been specializing in casters and material handling equipment since 1955. We have thousands of casters in stock, available for our retail and wholesale customers to purchase at a moment’s notice. If you can’t come to our Miami location and would prefer to have us ship our casters to you, our large inventory enables us to send you the casters you need immediately. We even export casters – in fact, we are one of the largest exporters in the Southeast.

We are also authorized distributors for the world’s leading caster manufacturers. With our close communications with our manufacturers, we have acquired expert knowledge about every type of caster available. In addition to the large number of casters we stock, our suppliers have hundreds of thousands of different models of casters available. They keep many in stock, available for quick delivery; because we deal with the factories daily, we can swiftly find casters that will satisfy your requirements, and we can get them to you quickly.

As you explore our website, you will find information about the casters we sell. Keep in mind that we are continually updating our website, adding more products – and that you are not limited to the products you see on our web pages. We actually have many more products than what you may see, and a good way to find out about those caster products is to contact our experts in Customer Service. We’ve helped tens of thousands of customers, in every type of industry, which means that we have a good understanding of what products are available to suit your needs. We’ll tell you which ones we have in stock; and for those casters we don’t have on hand, we know which manufacturer to go to for the product you need.

Need Casters for Heavy Loads?

Different casters can support loads over an enormous range. Small casters might be designed for loads of just a few pounds, while other specialty casters can bear loads as high as 44,000pounds! We stock many casters in-house that are popular for medium to heavy loads. We may not stock as many of the specialty casters in the heavier ranges, but they are available to us through our suppliers.

For example, if the load requirement for your casters is in the 5,000 to 15,000 pound range, we might recommend casters from one of our external suppliers. We’ll work with that supplier directly, to obtain those casters for you quickly. We can even work with the company’s design engineering department to customize a caster product for your unique needs should your caster not be one of their stock items.

Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Casters

These casters are production models, and can be shipped quickly. Because of their load bearing capacity to support from two and a half tons up to almost eight tons, they are often used in heavy manufacturing, such as construction equipment, bridge building components, or the aviation industry. They are particularly popular for use in ground support equipment, where supporting heavy loads with absolute reliability is of key importance.

Standard Features – Here are some of the standard features that make the Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Caster such a workhorse, with durability and long life built in.

  • Dual Wheels – By using dual wheels, the overall height of the caster is reduced, as compared to taller single wheel models. Dual wheels give improved stability, due to this reduced height. Swiveling is improved, too, because the soft treads of dual wheels move more smoothly across floors – single wheels tend to drag more as they pivot, while dual wheels can follow more of a differential path as they turn.
  • Precision Machining – The bearings in these casters are precision made, giving long life, smooth swiveling and dependable service. Through special manufacturing techniques, the hardened raceways are much harder than standard raceways, and the surface finish is extremely smooth.
  • Steel Swivels – The mounting plates are made from drop forged steel. The outer legs are made of plate steel. The horn base is made from forged steel, and is connected to the legs by continuous welds, inside and outside.
  • Lubrication Fittings – Ball-check lubrication fittings are provided in wheel hubs and in the swivel assembly.
  • Wheels – The steel wheels are available in four diameters: six, eight, ten and twelve inches. The wheels are covered in resilient treads, and there are seven different tread materials to choose from.
  • Three Year Warranty – Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel casters are backed by a manufacturer’s product warranty of three years against defects in materials and workmanship.

Optional Features – In addition to the standard features listed above, you have several optional features to choose from:

  • Swivel or Rigid – These dual wheel casters are available as either swivel casters or rigid casters.
  • Swivel Lock – Use this option to temporarily convert a swivel caster to a rigid caster, which can help for straight line steering.
  • Wheel Bearing Seals – If you plan to use your casters in harsh environments, you may wish to consider this option to help extend the life of your casters.
  • Sealed Swivel Assembly – This option is available to help prolong caster life, particularly in harsh environments.

The casters above are production models. If they are not precisely what you need, we will work with our supplier’s engineering department to design and make a Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Caster built for your specific needs.

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