Leading Caster and Handtruck Wholesaler in the US

Leading Caster and Handtruck Wholesaler in the USIf you’re in any type of manufacturing business, then casters and hand trucks are likely extremely vital to the efficient movement of products in and around your facilities. While casters are great at adding portability to items, simply adding casters to a platform as a portability mechanism is not always the best idea. Casters are not always easy to steer and guide in the right direction, as anyone knows that has battled with an errant shopping cart careening through a parking lot.

If you want to move smaller objects around your facility, then a hand truck is a much better option, as that’s precisely what a hand truck is designed to do. We’re one of the leading caster and hand truck wholesalers in the US, and we can offer you multiple options from a wide range of highly-respected manufacturers.

For the Best Hand trucks Available, We Recommend Wesco

Wesco is one of the leading material-handling manufacturers in the USA, if not the world. You’ll be delighted by the wide range of options from Wesco. There really is more to Wesco’s products than a standard hand truck.

If you really just want an affordable option, then go for Wesco’s range of Aluminum Cobra-Lite Hand Trucks. These trucks are inexpensive in comparison to many similar models you may find, and they will provide you with an impressive amount of versatility. They also come with a number of customization options, including different types of wheels, extended handles and nose plates, and stair-climbing abilities.

There are plenty of other options to select from when it comes to the wide range of hand trucks manufactured by Wesco. Wesco supplies convertible hand trucks that can be configured from a standard two-wheel hand truck into a flatbed and a four-wheel hand truck for the swift and convenient movement of larger loads.

Blickle Casters and Wheels Will Give You Everything You Need

Blickle likes to call themselves ‘a company on the move’ which is ideal since they’ve evolved from a number of countless innovative caster designs. This manufacturer has so many options that their standard caster catalog runs to over five hundred pages!

No matter your application, Blickle likely has a solution for you. Their casters cover both light and heavy-duty needs, and their wheels come in a number of material and tread options, including solid rubber tires, soft rubber tires, elastic solid rubber tires and pneumatic wheels. If aesthetics are important to you, you can buy casters in a range of colors and finishes.

All the usual optional elements are available too, including brakes, direction locks, cushioned casters and thread guards for extra protection from debris contamination.

Look to Douglas Equipment for All Your Caster and Hand truck Needs

We can supply you with casters, hand trucks and all types of material handling equipment from multiple manufacturers, all at wholesale prices. Whatever you need, the likelihood is that we can supply it for you.

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