How to Improve Your Warehouse’s Processes Using Shepherd Casters

How to Improve your Warehouse's Processes using Shepherd CastersWarehouses can be dynamic places with workers using equipment to move items from the receiving dock to storage areas, and from storage to the shipping dock. The constant wear and tear can cause equipment to wear out.

At Douglas Equipment many of our customers operate warehouses, and are frequently interested in improving their processes. We are authorized representatives for the major caster manufacturers. Many of whom make industrial casters suitable for replacement of worn-out equipment, or for use on new equipment. When our clients need casters for their warehouse applications, our customer service team can quickly identify the best caster for their situation.

Shepherd Caster is one of the leading brands that we represent. Many people recognize Shepherd as the company that makes casters that are frequently found on office chairs, and small rolling equipment carts used in hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

Shepherd’s products are not limited to light-duty applications. Shepherd also makes many product lines of casters that are specifically engineered for demanding medium and heavy-duty industrial and warehouse situations.

We will examine a few of Shepherd’s industrial casters, and discuss how they can be used to improve warehouse processes by helping equipment run more smoothly.

Shepherd Bassick Honcho Casters

For medium duty and heavy-duty needs, Shepherd’s Basssick Honcho Casters are a great choice for warehouse use. Their visually distinctive blue Honcho wheels are rated for weight capacities as high as 1750 lbs., per caster. Longevity of the casters is very good, thanks to the corrosion resistance provided by the yellow dichromatic finish.

Several series of Honcho Casters are available from Douglas Equipment, each designed to solve specific problems that a warehouse might present.

  • Bassick Honcho AS-AR Series – Designed to provide value and quality for the medium to heavy duty market, the AS-AR Series are the most popular Bassick Honcho Series casters. The standard wheels are made of blue Honcho Urethane on aluminum hubs, and stand up to harsh abuse while providing long mobility life. (Many other wheel options are available, as well.) These casters are good choices for use on warehouse trucks, platform trucks, and especially on material handling containers. (AS-AR Series)
  • Bassick Honcho ES-ER Series – The ES-ER Series of casters was designed to withstand abuse and impact. Their construction features a drawn single piece leg, and large diameter raceways that have been heat treated. They have aluminum wheels with blue Honcho Urethane tread material. The kingpin is very strong. All of these features combine to give abuse and impact resistance, even under the harshest conditions. These casters are perfect choices for tow line applications, warehouse trucks, freight terminal trucks, and fixture dollies. (ES-ER)
  • Bassick Honcho HS-HR Series – Sometimes casters in warehouses are subject to extreme abuse. For example, powered towed applications over rough floors can wreak havoc on casters that are not designed to stand up to these demanding conditions. Bassick Honcho HS-HR Series, with dynamic load ratings as high as 1750 lbs. per caster, are designed to stand up to tough abuse. They have been designed to be impact resistant, and with their blue Honcho Urethane tread material on aluminum 2 1/2 inch wheels, they will keep rolling smoothly, even in the harshest environments. (HS-HR Series)
  • Bassick Honcho OS-OR Series – With wheels 2 inches in width, these casters are extremely durable and have some of the highest load ratings available. Equipped with heavy interlocking kingpins and oversized heated raceways, Bassick Honcho OS-OR Series casters are built to withstand abuse and heavy impacts. All of these features combine to make them good candidates for terminal trucks, power towed applications, and other high abuse situations. (OS-OR Series)
  • Bassick Honcho HA-HB Series – These rugged casters are manufactured for heavy-duty use. They have top plates and legs that are made from heavy forged steel. To handle kingpin loads, the casters use a tapered roller bearing and a king bolt that has been integrally forged into the top plate. The casters will keep swiveling easily with trouble-free performance throughout their long life. They are ideal for use with heavy engine stands, fixture trucks, and assembly-line trucks. (HA-HB Series)

As you can see, if you need heavy-duty casters that will perform well in tough situations, Shepherd Caster offers many options.

Shepherd Ladder Casters

When their wheels turn smoothly, rolling ladders are one of the most useful pieces of material handling equipment used in warehouses. When their wheel treads wear out, or their bearings no longer turn freely, it may be time to replace the casters.

Shepherd makes Ladder Casters specifically for this situation – with long stems that are specially manufactured for rolling ladders and allow easy replacement of worn casters. The casters use soft rubber wheels (75 Shore A), which offer superb floor protection; they are available in 2” and 3” diameters. Dual ball bearing raceways ensure smooth operation. For corrosion resistance, the casters are zinc plated.

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To improve warehouse processes, one of the best places to start is by taking a look at all of the equipment that rolls on casters and ensuring that everything is functioning as well as it should. When it comes to choosing replacement casters, you will have many choices – so many, that choosing among all of the options may seem overwhelming.

Whether you need to replace light-duty casters such as those found on office chairs, or heavy-duty casters found on rolling warehouse trucks, Shepherd Caster is a great choice! And the best way to narrow down the options is to contact a reliable material handling supplier such as Douglas Equipment. Once you tell us about your situation and the processes you’re trying to improve, our experts can quickly help you select the best Shepherd caster for your needs.

Our customer Service department can be reached toll free at 800-451-0030 (or 305-888-3700 in the Miami area); and also online via our contact form. We hope to hear from you soon!