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Heavy-Duty Material Handling Carts Best Prices OnlineAt Douglas Equipment, with our experience helping hundreds of thousands of customers during our more than 60 years in business, we’ve learned to ask a few questions about each customer’s goals when they’re looking for material handling equipment. This helps us to quickly identify the best item for their needs.

For Instance…

A customer might contact us with what seems like a simple request: “I’m looking for a heavy-duty material handling cart.” Indeed, the solution probably is simple – once we understand what they mean by “heavy duty”, and what type of objects they’re trying to move.

Defining “Heavy-Duty”

To some customers, the phrase heavy-duty might mean that they’re looking for a cart capable of carrying loads that are greater than normal. Other customers might be looking for a cart with ordinary load capacities, but built in a heavy-duty style, because they need the cart to stand up to years of rough handling and last a long time.

We also know that when the customer requests a “material handling cart,” they usually need to move a particular type of object – we just have to learn what that object is so that we can suggest the right piece of equipment. Some customers might want to move large and bulky objects, such as 4 x 8 sheets of plywood. Others must move wet laundry, while some might be hauling rubbish, piles of small boxes, tool chests and machinery components, or even loose materials like sand or gravel.

Always Considering the Budget

While we can suggest great products for each of those purposes, we also know that our customers are interested in getting the best prices. With the extensive number of manufacturers we represent, and the great resources available on our website, we also excel at ensuring that our customers get the best possible prices available online.

In the sections below, we’ll provide a few examples of the heavy-duty material handling carts we offer. As you will see, no matter what kind of object you’re trying to move, we can help you find a product that will meet your requirements perfectly!

·       Platform Trucks – The Basic Material Handling Cart

The original material handling cart was probably the platform truck. A platform, four wheels and a handle – what could be simpler? The platform truck is very versatile and may be just the thing for solving your material handling needs. Even though they are simple, platform trucks are available in a tremendous range of materials and sizes.

For heavy duty models, choose carts made from materials that can stand up to high load capacities or rough treatment. Steel platform trucks, wood platform trucks, and even steel-bound wood platform trucks are available. Made of heavy duty 12-gauge steel with reinforced welded construction, they are very rugged. Powered models are available, which can lessen the work required to push a heavily loaded cart across long distances.

·       Panel Carts – For Moving Bulky Items

When moving sheet products like plywood or drywall, a panel cart works very well. Like the platform truck, a panel cart is made from a platform on four wheels – but with three or four vertical handles, which form slots. You can stack sheet products in the slots between the handles.

Our Standard Greenline Panel Cart has a load capacity of just over 1,500 lbs. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty model, check out our Heavy Duty Greenline Panel Cart. With a heavy-duty steel platform and supports, and Moldon polyurethane casters, its load capacity is a whopping 4,400 lbs.!

·       Wire Caged Platform Trucks – For Moving Small Items

If you need to move small boxes or loose items, a wire caged platform truck might be perfect for your requirements. It consists of a platform truck with a handle on either end – and with a wire cage mounted above the platform. The cage is great for holding loose objects that might slip off a regular platform cart, or for stacks of small boxes.

While our standard wire caged platform truck is capable of supporting 660 lbs., a Heavy-Duty Wire Caged Platform Truck is available – it has a load capacity of 1,100 lbs. It’s 30” x 48”, and has Moldon non-marking TPR rubber wheels (two swivel, two rigid).

  • Service Carts – For Moving Toolboxes and Small Parts

If you need to keep a group of items together as you move them from one location to another in the workplace, a service cart might work perfectly for you. It can hold a toolbox or two, replacement parts, power tools like drills or circular saws, and other odds and ends.

Our service carts are available in plastic or steel. The Steel Service Cart has a load capacity of 500 lbs. It’s available in two sizes, 16” x 30”, or 24” x 36”. With 20 gauge steel trays, 14 gauge corner posts, and a baked enamel paint finish, it is very durable and rugged. Its versatility is increased with options for a drawer with roller guides, or for a third tray. The top tray can even be inverted, and turned into a flat work surface!

Best Prices Online

As you browse our website, looking for more information about the carts discussed above, or exploring other options for heavy-duty material handling carts, we make it easy for you to get information about our great online pricing. Simply fill out the information using our “Need a Quote” form that appears next to the item you are interested in. We will quickly respond with pricing information.

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The products we discussed above are just the beginning of those available from Douglas Equipment. The best way to find exactly what you need among the thousands of items listed on our website is to contact one of the customer service experts at Douglas Equipment. Tell us about your requirements, and we will quickly recommend a great product that will suit your needs – all at a great price! You may phone our team anytime at 800-451-0030 (or 305-888-3700 in the Miami area), or reach us online through our contact form. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you find exactly what you need!