Extra Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters With Capacities Up To 10000 Lbs

Extra Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters With Capacities Up To 10000 LbsWe, at Douglas Equipment, proudly present extra heavy-duty wheel casters with capacities of up to 10,000 pounds. Our casters are designed to address the safe mobility needs of our select, industrial customer segment. Our heavy-duty dual wheel casters are built solid and compact to securely handle exorbitant load capacities while keeping a physical low profile.

Taking into account the excess weight that our heavy-duty casters are designed to handle, the dimensions of the equipment are paramount. A key dimension of the casters is not its width and rather its height. Low profile casters are critical when the stakes are high and the load that is being mobilized weighs close to five ton. The lower profile physically keeps the height of the equipment minimal. With the lower height of dual wheel casters our customers are able to move objects safely because of the lowered height, which is synonymous with lowered center of gravity.

Why Do We Need to Incorporate Dual Wheel in our Heavy-duty Casters?

While the lowered center of gravity allows for greater stability and maneuvering flexibility, the dual wheels concept is designed to provide additional conveniences. The dual wheel by definition and design allows for differential action during the movement of the equipment. Translation? Our heavy-duty dual wheel casters provide much greater stability of the wheels with far greater suitability for effortless swivel action. On the other hand, the larger in size (height and width) single wheels are considerably less flexible. Furthermore, our experts at Douglas have identified that when it comes to heavy object transport, the greater the load, the single wheels flexibility is diminished exponentially.

Our dual caster is also capable of operating with far less scrubbing effect. The scrubbing effect leads to greater instability. Thanks to the even weight distribution in our heavy-duty dual wheel casters, our customers are capable of moving their items with much greater ease, without worrying about safety or scrubbing the floors, thus damaging them.

Our designated, mighty extra heavy-duty dual wheel casters are firmly guaranteed by us to carry up 10,000 pounds of load. In order for us to confidently present our 5 Ton capable casters, we at Douglas make sure that our casters are made with the best-forged steels.

Our Clients Demand the Best

For the past near six decades we’ve been in business, we have been competently addressing all of our clients’ heavy-duty object mobility needs. We at Douglas have become a household name among numerous logistical firms throughout South Florida. Our location, here in Miami, has provided great convenience to many of our local customers since 1955. Our great variety of dual wheel heavy-duty casters has taken the guesswork from the acquisition process. We pride ourselves in advising our clients with our teams of knowledgeable advisors.

Clients’ Profiles

Many of our heavy-duty solution customers are our logistical shipping agencies and clients here in the Port of Miami. With Ryder System being the largest logistical company in the world, and many other shipping firms in the area, Miami is one of the busiest import/export locations in The Americas. We at Douglas are poised to offer our services leveraging our strategic Miami location. Our proximity to the Port of Miami, (dubbed as the gateway to South America) allows us to provide timely service.  Every day, thousands of tons of goods pass through the Port of Miami. Our import customers need to mobilize thousands of heavy-duty boxes that are ultimately retrieved from the standard containers that arrive on board numerous cargo ships. The items range from highly perishable Colombian flowers, fresh Mexican Jalapeño pepper and Ecuadorian Shrimp to technical parts and products. The required turn around time at Port of Miami distribution centers is extremely limited. Our shipping clients highly depend on our heavy-duty dual wheel casters to function reliably.

Growing Demands

With such heavy volumes of shipments, the need for heavy-duty object mobility continues to grow throughout many logistical firms in our region. Our shipping clientele are continuously in need of our heavy-duty solutions to mobilize their items. Understanding our clients’ time and environmental pressures allow us to better serve our customers. Though many of the import or export items that are carried on our equipment tend to be handled in standard heavy duty boxes, there are always exceptions.  We at Douglas are capable of custom creating heavy-duty mobility solutions. We identify the type of forged steel that our clients need. We then identify the most viable solutions paying attention to details such as incorporation of extra heavy duty swivel caster platforms that would be in synch with our heavy duty dual wheel casters.

Serving Our Customers throughout Miami and Beyond

At Douglas Equipment, we place a great focus on the level of customer service that we provide to our valued clients. When you call our toll free number 1-800-451-0030 during our normal business hours, people (not a recording) will be there to answer your call. Our professional staff personnel are courteous and highly knowledgeable. They are trained to first and foremost listen to our customers. Our experts will then walk our customers through every step of the process to include product specifications, special requests and the acquisition process. We are also available via our local number: 305-888-3700.  Our fax serves many of our customers that would like to fax their orders. Our fax number is 305-883-9563.

For better service, our customers are encouraged to use a cover letter with their company information. For special orders or custom made mobility solution platforms, many of our customers fax us their request along with the needed dimensions specifics to include corresponding diagrams. Our customers may also view our extra heavy-duty wheel casters selections and their variety of applications on our web site. Next to each and every product line on our web site we have provided access links in order to capture customers’ inquiries on our extra heavy-duty dual wheels casters.