Drum Handling Equipment for Sale at Wholesale Prices

Drum Handling Equipment For Sale at Wholesale PricesWhen it comes to handling drums, you should know what’s the most important consideration – the safety of your employees. Drums are typically large objects, and if they are full of liquids or solids then they can be quite heavy as well. Heavy items have the potential to cause injury if proper handling techniques are not used.

The Importance of Using Professional Drum Handling Equipment

When purchasing drum handling equipment, it’s critical that you work with an experienced company that can source the highest quality products based on your needs. At Douglas Equipment, we can offer you a wide array of material handling products, including drum handling equipment at exceptional prices – and if you choose to buy in bulk, or at least more than one item at a time, then we will be able to offer you wholesale prices that will allow your expenditure to go further.

Morse Manufacturing Offers Wide Array of Drum Handling Equipment

One of the manufacturers that we turn to the most when it comes to drum handling equipment is Morse Manufacturing Company. They have a wide range of drum handling equipment items that will really help your business become more efficient, and therefore more profitable.

For the safe and secure movement of drums, we recommend Morse’s wide range of drum trucks, dollies and cradles. For light duty use, they can supply you with two or three-wheel drum trucks. However, for heavier duties, their four-wheel drum trucks are ideal. They are simple to load and have a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. They can handle 30, 55 or 85-gallon steel drums between 14 – 28” in diameter, and between 30 – 41” in height.

Morse has a number of products that could meet your needs, so it really is best to get in touch with our team to discuss your individual company requirements. Don’t forget that in order to save money in the long run it’s really best to purchase a number of items all at once so that you can receive wholesale pricing.

Wesco is Another Option When it Comes to Drum Handling Equipment

Another of our favorite manufacturers – Wesco – has an amazing range of drum handling equipment items as well. In fact, if there is any portion of your drum-handling process that Wesco doesn’t supply a piece of equipment for, then we’d be very much surprised.

Wesco can supply you with drum lifters, slings and dispensers, as well as trucks and carriers. Perhaps one of their most popular items is the forklift attachment. Maybe you already have forklifts, so it’s a complete no-brainer for you to consider the purchase of one of the many attachments that Wesco can supply you with in order to turn your forklifts into drum-handling powerhouses. The Wesco Fork Lift Drum Lifter and Tilter can be slid over the front forks of your forklift to make drum handling as simple and as convenient as possible!

To talk about any of the drum handling equipment items that we stock at Douglas Equipment, or if you have any questions that you need to ask, just reach out to a member of our expert sales team today. We can be contacted by phone at 1-800-451-0030 or by using the online contact form on our website.