CP3 Pallet Handtruck: A Douglas Equipment Review

CP3 Pallet Handtruck: A Douglas Equipment ReviewWhether it’s called a pallet hand truck, a pallet jack, or a pallet truck – all commonly used names – this is one of the most useful material handling devices ever created! If you’re shopping for a pallet truck though, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of models available. Where should you begin?

At Douglas Equipment, we specialize in helping our customers find the best piece of equipment. For those looking for general-purpose pallet trucks, we often recommend Wesco’s CP3.

Introducing the CP3 Pallet Hand Truck

The standard model of the CP3 Pallet Truck has two forks that has an overall width of 27”. The forks are 48” long. Made from steel that is 3 mm thick, these forks are extremely strong and durable, and stand up to abuse very well. Each fork is an industry-standard 6” in width. At their lowered position, the forks are only 2.9” high. They can be raised to 7.25”.

The 3-position handle – Up, Down and Neutral – is rubber coated, which increases operator comfort. To use the CP3 Pallet Truck, the operator slides the forks underneath the pallet. Entry and exit rollers at the tip of the forks help position the CP3 under a variety of pallet shapes and styles. Once the forks are in place, the operator pumps the handle several times, which elevates the load a few inches above the floor – and the pallet is ready for motion.

While the operator is moving the load, the CP3 glides along smoothly on its 7” moldon polyurethane steering wheels, and 3” moldon load wheels. Maneuverability is enhanced by the CP3’s 210° steering, which allows the operator to turn tight corners with ease. Once the destination is reached, the operator positions the pallet, and then uses the handle to lower the load to the floor. Aided by the exit rollers, the operator then pulls the pallet truck from under the pallet, and the CP3 is ready for its next task.

Two other models of the CP3 are available. One has forks that are 21” wide and 48” long; the other has forks that are 21” wide and 36” long. With their narrower fork widths, these models are good for maneuvering in tight spaces.

The CP3 is rated for a load capacity of 5500 lbs. The pump mechanism carries a two-year warranty; all other parts have a 90-day warranty.

Special Features Make the CP3 Pallet Hand Truck Stand Out

The CP3 Pallet Truck has two special features that are worth noting. These features make the CP3 much more durable and useful than other pallet trucks in the industry.

The first feature often not available on competitors’ pallet trucks consists of adjustable fork connecting rods. Under ideal conditions, the two forks of a pallet truck should be at exactly the same level. Under real-world conditions, the forks may be subject to extreme forces. One or both forks may become bent, so that they are no longer in alignment with each other. This can make it difficult to slide the pallet truck under a pallet, or remove it at the pallet’s final destination. It may also cause balance issues in the load, because the pallet might be tilted from horizontal while it’s being transported.

To correct this potential problem, the CP3 has fork connecting rods that are individually adjustable. This allows you to realign the forks should they become misaligned, and bring them back into a parallel position with each other.

The second special feature is an internal overload bypass. This protects the pump from damage, if the load is heavier than the 5500 lb. lift capacity. Excessive loads can be encountered if an operator tries to lift a load that is too heavy; or if a load that weighs too much is placed on a raised pallet. Under these situations, the internal bypass will ensure the pump is unharmed.

Accessories Make the CP3 Pallet Truck Even More Versatile! 

The CP3 is a great general-purpose pallet jack, but when it’s equipped with either of the following accessories, it’s even more useful.

  • 3-in-1 Guard Adapter – This option can be installed in the field by simply attaching it to the CP3 with two bolts. By using this compact product, you don’t need to purchase separate box guards, skid adapters, or milk crate guards.

In the vertical position, the Guard Adapter provides stability to high stacks of boxes. At 55” high, it can be placed in the retracted position, against the CP3’s A-frame, which allows full use of the fork length. Or, it can be placed in the extended position to center the load above the forks. In either position, the Guard Adapter helps keep a tall load from tipping.

In the horizontal position, the Guard Adapter provides a framework over the space between the CP3’s two forks. This is very useful when small packages must be stacked directly on the forks themselves, rather than on a pallet. The Guard Adapter will prevent the packages from slipping between the forks and falling to the floor.

  • Pallet Jack Stop – This optional device can keep the CP3 from unintentionally moving. This might be important while transporting the CP3 in the back of a truck. To use the Pallet Jack Stop, the CP3’s steering wheels are rolled up the Pallet Jack Stop’s incline, and into a holding area.

Douglas Equipment – The Place for Pallet Trucks!

Which pallet truck is right for you? The customer service experts at Douglas Equipment can help you answer that question. For general-purpose use, it just might be the CP3. For more specific situations – to lift pallets several feet off the floor, or move them under electric power, or even weigh them as they are lifted – our experts can help you find the perfect product for your needs. Please call our customer service department at 800-451-0030, or 305-888-3700 in the Miami area. You can even use our contact form.