Why Buying Material Handling Equipment in Bulk Will Lower Costs


Why Buying Material Handling Equipment in Bulk Will Lower CostsEven when it comes to buying material-handling equipment, the same rule applies if you were buying any other kind of product in bulk – the more you buy, the less it costs. Over time, you will probably need to develop a sizable range of material-handling equipment to help your business run efficiently, so it makes sense to buy it in bulk if possible to cut down your costs.

The companies that supply material-handling equipment are just like your company – they want to make money. To them, actually moving their products is far more important than the cost of individual units. An expensive item that remains unsold is absolutely no good, so it’s better for them to make sales, but at more cost-effective prices. Your company can benefit from this and in turn receive more bang for your hard-earned buck.

Another benefit to the supply company is by offering you a ‘reduced’ price for your items, they are establishing a relationship with you – one that they no doubt hope to continue going forward. The more successful client-supplier relationships they can create and maintain, the better it is for them. Companies that do well in business are ones that build plenty of successful relationships with their customers. Regular purchasers are often offered repeated discounts, something that again will lower costs in the long run.

However, not all client-supplier relationships are successful ones. When you are seeking to find a supplier for your material-handling equipment, you will need to find one with whom you are completely satisfied with. You might ask yourself how you can do this without actually placing a sizable order with them. Let’s not try and fool ourselves, buying material-handling equipment in bulk is not cheap! You cannot place a sizable order with a company just to evaluate how they will perform, and to find out whether you would be happy in pursuing a future relationship with them.

2 Steps to Finding a Reputable Bulk Material-handling Equipment Company

  1. Do Your Research

The first step is of course to do your research. If you can find a number of material-handling equipment manufacturers in close proximity to you, then that is excellent news! You may be able to arrange sizable discounts with suppliers who are located across the country, or even overseas, but the savings you make are likely to be gobbled up when it comes to shipping costs. Material-handling equipment is typically bulky, so shipping costs are often high. If you can find a company that offers you discounted shipping or even free shipping, then that is the best news possible!

  1. Attempt to Establish a Long-Term Relationship

Once you have identified a handful of material-handling equipment suppliers that you determine to be of a promising caliber, you need to try and establish a relationship with them before you even consider making a purchase. As mentioned above, successful companies tend to be those that are skilled at establishing strong business relationships. Companies that are just in it for the money seldom survive, because customer satisfaction may not be a high priority for them.

You need to talk to the decision-makers at your potential supplier companies, and not just the sales staff. If they are genuinely friendly and approachable, then tick that off as a good point. If it is clear they just want to fulfill one single bulk order, then consider finding an alternative. A decent supplier will be one that is genuinely interested in your business. They’ll want to know how your company works. They’ll also be looking for other ways they can supply your business needs. The more a supply company is willing to do for you, the better your relationship will be with them. If a company is versatile enough to supply many of your needs beyond equipment, then the better it will be for your business as you’ll likely be offered cheaper unit prices.

What Else Should You Consider?

Other things to consider when evaluating potential suppliers is if you want to keep costs low. Talking to sales personnel can be frustrating, as they are sometimes more interested in simply gaining your business as opposed to learning more about you and your company. This is understandable as making sales is key to their job, and the more sales they make, the more commission they earn. A company that employs staff who just wants to make money off you is one that should be avoided. Any potential supplier you contact should not try and sell you more items than you need before they have established a successful business relationship with you.

Be prepared though to answer a lot of questions from your chosen suppliers. If they are genuinely seeking to build a long-term relationship with you, then they will want to know about you and your business. They will for example, want to know how successful a business you have – that way they can gauge how beneficial it will be for them to establish that all-important long-term relationship with you. Business relationships that work are most definitely a two-way street. Also, before committing to fulfilling a bulk material-handling equipment order, your supplier will want to know that you have the funds available to complete your order.

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