Buy Wheel Casters in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

Buy Wheel Casters in Bulk at Wholesale PricesAlmost every business owner or purchaser whose daily operations involve the use of casters would love to find the ideal model that will last forever. Unfortunately, that idea is unlikely to be realized since casters are prone to a great deal of wear and tear.

Not having to ever replace your casters would be a sure way of saving money, but, despite the non-existence of the life-long caster, business owners can still save money by simply buying them in bulk at wholesale prices. By purchasing a bulk order, you save yourself and the wholesaler time and money. Trustworthy wholesalers will pass the savings they acquire onto to their customers to keep them coming back!

At Douglas Equipment, we’ll certainly arrange some excellent deals for you if you buy in bulk. We guarantee you’ll be delighted by your purchase. Here are just a few of the top caster manufacturers that we can offer to you at wholesale prices.

For all Types of Caster Applications Choose Shepherd

You can’t be much more versatile than Shepherd when it comes to casters. Do you want a heavy-duty caster that’s going to give you years of dedicated service? Then Shepherd can supply. Do you want a cool-looking caster that’s really going to finish off the look of your office equipment? Shepherd can supply that as well!

Take a look at our wide array of Shepherd Casters and you’ll be both amazed and delighted. With countless models and multiple options, you really cannot go wrong!

When Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness are Key Choose Colson

If you know anything about casters then the name of Colson will be one that’s very familiar to you. They make a wide range of no-nonsense casters that are designed to get the job done with maximum efficiency and in a way that’s unlikely to eat into your profit margins.

With Colson, your options are key. No matter what caster you choose, you can ‘redefine’ exactly what you want with the fitting of brakes, directional locks, guards and other trimmings. You simply dictate what you require, and we’ll do all we can to ‘make it so’.

High quality and competitive prices – the Bestway promise

Compared to Shepherd and Colson, Bestway is a relative newcomer to the realm of casters, even though they have been in business since 1975! This fine company dedicates themselves to the production of high-quality products and the provision of top-class services, and they also aim to keep their prices low.

If you’re in the need for casters then you simply can’t go wrong by purchasing Bestway casters. This is one company that really prides itself on doing all it can for its customers, time after time.

For bulk ordering inquiries from any of the companies above or products from any of the other excellent caster manufacturers we work with, simply contact us here at Douglas Equipment. Call us anytime at 1-800-451-0030 or use our online contact form to submit your request via email.