Biggest Issues with Wesco Cobra Sr. Convertible Hand Trucks, and How You Can Avoid Them


Biggest Issues with Wesco Cobra Sr. Convertible Hand Trucks, and How You Can Avoid ThemWhen it comes to basic material handling equipment, two of the most useful items are the hand truck and the platform truck. The hand truck is tall and narrow and stands on two wheels. To use it, you slide the hand truck’s flat nose plate under the load, tilt the truck and balance it on its two wheels, and roll the load away.

The platform truck consists of a deck that rests on four wheels, two of which are usually casters. A handle rises from the platform truck’s deck. To use the platform truck, you stack the load on the platform, then push or pull the handle and roll the load to its destination.

About Wesco’s Cobra Sr. Convertible Hand Truck

Wesco’s Cobra Sr. Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck cleverly combines the benefits of a hand truck with those of a platform truck, all in one piece of equipment. You can use it as a normal hand truck, in the upright position. The Cobra Sr., however, has something special that ordinary hand trucks don’t have – tucked away within the main handle there is an extra smaller handle with two caster wheels attached.

Benefits of Converting the Hand Truck into a Platform Truck

To convert the Cobra Sr. to a platform truck, you simply press a release pedal to free the extra handle; lay the main handle down, and it becomes the platform; then raise the smaller handle, and it becomes the handle for your platform truck.

Combining a hand truck and platform truck into a single piece of equipment can be tremendously useful in situations where space is at a premium. In the beverage industry for example, delivery truck drivers often choose to make use of the Cobra Sr. – it takes up little space, but gives them the option of using the hand truck with light loads, or where maneuverability is important. For heavier loads, they can use the truck in the 4-wheel platform position.

Addressing Problems that Might Arise

As useful as the standard Cobra Sr. Convertible Hand Truck is, various situations arise that can cause issues. Wesco offers options for these special situations, which will improve the performance of the Cobra Sr. In fact, when you look at Douglas Equipment’s webpage for the Cobra Sr., you will see approximately 15 different versions available. We will explain the Cobra Sr’s options below.

Wesco Offers Optional Nose Plates

When ordering your Cobra Sr., you can choose one of three nose plates:

  1. Cast Nose Plate – The standard nose plate that comes with the Cobra Sr. is made from a casting, and has cut out areas to decrease its weight. The nose plate is 18” wide, and 7.5” deep. It is perfectly suited for almost every situation you will encounter. However, where heavy loads are a factor, it may not be as strong as an extruded nose plate.
  2. Extruded Nose Plate – Wesco offers an extruded nose plate as an option. Its dimensions are similar to the cast nose plate mentioned above – it’s 18” wide, and 7.625” deep. However, because it is made from an extrusion, it is stronger, and will handle heavier loads.
  3. Extruded 16” x 12” Nose Plate – The two nose plates described above are approximately seven and a half inches deep. This works well for almost all load sizes. Many customers however, must stack large or awkward boxes on the nose plate. To satisfy these customers, Wesco offers an extruded nose plate that measures 16” wide and 12” deep. The extra depth makes it easy for users to stack large loads on the nose plate.

Wesco Offers Optional Wheels

After you’ve chosen a nose plate for your Cobra Sr., you have five different wheel choices. Each of these wheels is 10” in diameter.

  1. PE Pneumatic Wheel – This is the “standard” wheel for the Cobra Sr. It has a valve for air inflation, and tread similar to an automobile tire. It has a rounded profile, which provides very good maneuverability. It is rated for 350 lb(s), and has a zinc/steel hub.
  2. PWT Pneumatic Wheel – For customers who want a pneumatic wheel, but would prefer a wider tread, Wesco offers the PWT Pneumatic Wheel. It has a flat, wide-tread profile, which is great for stability. It is also rated for 350 lb(s), and has a zinc/steel hub.
  3. Z Semi-Pneumatic Wheel – For those customers who would like the qualities of a pneumatic wheel, but wish to avoid the maintenance of having to inflate the wheel, Wesco offers the Z Semi-Pneumatic wheel. It’s rated for 350 lb(s), and uses a zinc/steel hub.
  4. Z2 Solid Rubber Wheel – If you won’t be operating your Cobra Sr. on grass, gravel or sand, then the Z2 Solid Rubber Wheel is a great choice. It offers the low maintenance features of wheels that don’t require air, is very durable, and has a load rating of 550 lb(s) per wheel. It has a poly hub.
  5. CF Cellular Foam Wheel – This wheel is made from a closed-cell polyurethane foam, which means that it will never go flat. It is rated for 280 lb(s), and has a steel hub.

Wesco Offers an Optional Platform Deck

When used in the 4-wheel platform truck position, the “platform” is made from the tall handles of the hand truck, lying in the horizontal position. This works well for loads consisting of large boxes or objects. However, if the load is made up of smaller units that might fall through the openings in the platform, Wesco offers an optional platform deck. It’s made of metal, and has a slip resistant diamond pattern on its surface.

For the Best Cobra Sr. Options – Contact Douglas Equipment!

We’ve covered a lot of options for the Cobra Sr. – three different nose plate choices, each one available with five different wheels – and even a platform deck! Which one is perfect for you? The easiest way to get an answer to this question is to contact the customer service experts at Douglas Equipment today. Our phone number is 800-451-0030 (or 305-888-3700 in the Miami area). You can also contact us through our online form. We hope to hear from you soon!