7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Warehouse with Material Handling Equipment

7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Warehouse with Material Handling EquipmentWhen managing a warehouse, the most reliable assets you’ll have in your warehouse are your employees. But like any valuable asset, if you don’ t take care it, or in this case them, they won’t be able to fully take care of your business. 

Keeping your warehouse running like a well-oiled engine is key to your success. And if you want it to continue to run well, then it’s important to supply your workers with the materials they need to work faster, quicker, and more efficiently. Whether you’re business involves moving small or oversized items, it’s almost certain that there’s some type of material-handling equipment that your workers can use to help them work better. 

How to Improve Your Warehouse Processes 

Some of the reasons why most warehouses aren’t properly equipped with the right material-handling equipment is because they aren’t aware that such a tool even exist for them. If there’s a way to move something quicker and faster without straining the backs of workers, then Douglas Equipment is the place you should look to. 

Douglas Equipment specializes in material-handling equipment as well as casters. Our sole purpose is to help you move things along much quicker than you would yourself. We have access to many material-handling suppliers that has a plethora of inventory guaranteed to make your warehouse processes run smoother. 

Material-Handling Equipment You Didn’t Know Existed 

If you were to view our online inventory, you might be easily overwhelmed by your choices. While some material-handling equipment might look familiar to you, there are also other kinds that you may not have seen before—yet that might be the very thing you’re looking for! 

To help you whittle down your options, it’s important to look at the basics. Determine what is the overall goal that your warehouse is trying to accomplish. Then reassess all of the intricate little steps it takes to complete such processes. 

  1. Take into consideration what type of inventory you need to move, where, and how often.
  1. Determine if you’re moving your inventory vertically or horizontally, perhaps even both.
  1. How much does your inventory weigh? Is it heavy or light? Is it large or just awkwardly bulky? Maybe they’re small and easy to stack. When you’re managing a warehouse operation, these things are important. 

Understanding What You’re Warehouse Really Needs 

When it comes to understanding warehouse operations, Douglas Equipment understands the general needs it takes to make it run well. And throughout the years that we have been in business, we’ve even contributed to some solutions toward the more unique needs that some warehouses have by designing special equipment. 

But, before you consider some custom solutions for your warehouse operations, take these 7 material-handling equipment solutions under consideration. With just one of these, you’re sure to give your warehouse employees a better day at work, helping your business work towards success. 

  1. Clamp+Go Dolly Handle 

This is going to be one of the most efficient ways to move your drums around the warehouse. Sure you can use a flatbed truck, but if you have a piece of equipment that is specifically designed to safely transport a drum with a ship weight of under 20 lbs., then the Clamp+Go Dolly Handle is the best choice. 

  1. 4-Wheel Drum Trucks 

For the heftier drums that weigh over 20 lbs., you’re going to need a little more support. This is where the 4-wheel drum truck from Morse comes in handy. Like the Clamp+Go, this drum truck has a capacity to hold up to 1,000 lbs. but the ship weight goes up to 85 lbs.

  1. MORStakTM Drum Rackers 

The most unsafe way to stock your drums, especially if they’re filled with hazardous content, is to stack them on top of one another. Even if they are sealed airtight, you don’t want to do this. The weight of the content in each drum will vary and this makes a significant difference in how they’re stacked. Furthermore, you want to be able to get to them easily. The MORStakTM Drum Rackers holds approximately 12 drums and has a capacity of up to 800 lbs. 

  1. Drum Valves from Wesco 

If your drum holds a liquid substance, you might want to consider installing a valve. Instead of opening and resealing a drum to access its contents, attach a valve to it. Wesco has a variety of valves for you to choose from. This will come in quite handy with your MORStakTM Drum Rackers. With the right kind of valve, you won’t have to concern yourself with removing a heavy drum from the rack to extract its content. 

  1. Hand Trucks 

If you don’t see anything else in a warehouse, you’ll most likely find what you might call a dolly in the corner somewhere. Only, that’s not the proper term. The two-wheel cart that’s used to transfer items is called a hand truck, and they come in a variety of styles by Wesco according to the type of items that you’re moving around. So, it’s highly likely that your warehouse has the wrong type of hand truck for your transporting needs. View Wesco’s online catalog to view all of hand trucks available to you. 

  1. Pallet Jacks 

Here’s another crucial piece of material-handling equipment that’s a necessity for almost any warehouse. Pallets are used to hold a large quantity of smaller items. With the pallet, it keeps items safe off the floor and allows your workers to move a good amount of inventory in a short amount of time. Wesco has a series of pallet jacks that can haul up to 1,100 lbs. 

  1. Platform Trucks 

The platform truck can be said to be a lighter version of the pallet jack as far as its overall purpose goes. Most of these trucks, carts and dollies are typically used for offices. There are a few platform trucks that are designed for warehouse use too. You can peruse the online catalog to determine which kind of platform truck would best suit your warehouse. 

Revamp Your Warehouse with One Click.

Douglas Equipment ships anywhere in the country. Our company has access to the airports and harbors in the Miami area, so we wouldn’t run into any pressing problems delivering your material-handling equipment. We even ship our products overseas. Contact Douglas Equipment today to request a quote on your fleet of material-handling equipment today. Call us today 1-800-451-0030.