4 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Hand Trucks in Bulk


4 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Hand Trucks in BulkWhether you are a person who is frequently moving heavy and bulky objects, or you a homeowner occasionally in need of the ambiguous “helping hand,” hand trucks make the task of moving big or heavy-weighing loads efficient and simple.

Hand trucks are upright carts with two wheels and can easily move 500 lbs. or more. Douglas Equipment supplies many styles and sizes of hand trucks. Our collection includes a variety of hand trucks manufactured by dependable and respected brands, and we also supply a number of additional features available for purchase.

Buying hand trucks in bulk can save you and your company money. Hand trucks are not very expensive to purchase; however, buying a large quantity of them can cut costs nevertheless. If you are considering purchasing a hand truck or many, consider the following questions before securing the sale.

  1. What Needs to Be Moved?

Hand trucks are extremely useful for an assortment of moving projects; however, there are many jobs hand trucks are unable to accomplish. For example, if you need to transport appliances, a hand truck is not always the best contender for the task—unless it is made to carry appliances.

What hand trucks can do best is move small items, such as packed boxes. In fact, they are often used by delivery services, such as FedEx, and can be found in factories and warehouses where a lot of small packages need to be moved frequently.

Before you purchase a hand truck, determine what you will use it for. It’s important to know if a hand truck is the best option for your task. Can a hand truck handle the weight of the load(s) you plan to put on it? If so, then you can determine which type of hand truck is best for you and how many you might want.

Douglas Equipment supplies appliance hand trucks in addition to traditional hand trucks. This is another reason why you must determine what you need to move before purchasing a hand truck. There are different types of hand trucks capable of better suiting particular needs.

  1. How Often Will the Hand Truck Be Used? 

After you decide a hand truck is what you need, you should ask yourself how often you plan to use it. If you are a homeowner or work in a small office where one hand truck is enough, then just buy one. But if you work in a factory or shop where small objects are continuously being transported, consider purchasing a larger quantity of hand trucks at once. 

  1. Do I Need More Than One Hand Truck?

Multiple hand trucks are commonly found at schools, grocery stores, factories, large businesses, auditoriums, community centers, fitness facilities, and more. Even if loads are light enough to carry by hand, if you work in a large facility then a hand truck will make the task of carrying objects faster and easier.

Don’t settle for picking up a box and setting it down every 500 feet. Use a hand truck! And if members of your team would find a hand truck useful or necessary for they need to do on a day-to-day basis, why not buy a few?

  1. Which Type of Hand Truck is the Most Practical for my Project?

After determining what you plan on moving and how often, it’s time to figure out which type of hand truck is the best option for you and your location. Douglas Equipment sells a wide selection of hand trucks, each one better suited for particular purposes.

Our company features hand trucks manufactured by Wesco Industrial Products, Inc. and Harper Hand Trucks. Customers can choose from a vast assortment of aluminum and steel hand trucks, foldable hand trucks, appliance hand trucks, and hand trucks designed to withstand specific weight capacities.

Before committing to a purchase of a hand truck, make sure you’re buying one that best suits your needs.

Wesco Economical Aluminum Appliance Truck

The Economical Aluminum Appliance Truck made by Wesco Industrial Products, Inc. is constructed with a fully welded aluminum frame. This lightweight and durable hand truck is a great option for shoppers looking for a hand truck that is not too heavy but can still securely transport objects.

Heavy-Duty Appliance Truck

This type of hand truck can hold up to 1,800 lbs. and still move quickly and easily. Douglas Equipment sells heavy-duty appliance hand trucks designed for general purposes, but they can also be designed to perform specific functions, like moving gallon drums.

Wesco SuperLite Folding Truck Model 220617

The SuperLite Folding Truck is constructed with an all-aluminum frame. It is small and compactible, making for easy storage, but can withstand heavy loads and move them with ease.

Greenline Economical 5-in-1

If you want more than just a hand truck, the Greenline Economical 5-in-1 is a great option. This device can be transfigured into a 2-wheel standard hand truck, 4-wheel hand truck in tilted 45-degree position, 2-wheel hand truck with folding nose extension, 4-wheel platform truck with nose extension raised, and 4-wheel platform truck with nose extension lowered.

The Benefits of Hand Trucks

Whichever type of hand truck ends up being the right choice for your project, there are a few things that will remain clear:

  • Hand trucks will save you from experiencing back strain
  • They will reduce the amount of lifting you and your team have to do


  • One person can lift hundreds of pounds with the help of a hand truck

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