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3 Dual Wheel Casters for Better Maneuverability

3 Dual Wheel Casters for Better ManeuverabilityTwo heads are better than one, as the saying goes. When it comes to casters, there is a similar saying – two caster wheels are better than one when it comes to maneuverability.

If you want casters that will get the job done and will allow you to move your caster-mounted objects with minimum strain and effort, then here are three examples of dual wheel casters that will allow you to do just that.

1. Dual Wheel Series from Shepherd

This model of maneuverable caster comes in four types – swivel top plate, swivel top plate with total lock, hollow king pin and hollow king pin with total lock. All come with dual wheels that have a low profile to enable smooth rolling and easy swiveling.

The caster wheels have a non-marking thermoplastic rubber (TPR) tread and come complete with integrated thread guards. As with all casters from Shepherd’s excellent range, these casters have precision bearings in the wheels aligned along a dual raceway.

These casters are expressly suitable for patient lifts, medical equipment and computer equipment.

2. Dual Wheel Casters from Albion

These dual wheel casters from Albion are designed to maximize capacity and to distribute the load evenly with reduced overall height. Dual wheel casters do not have to be as large in dimension as single wheel casters, as of course you have two wheels to carry the load, as opposed to one.

The dual wheel casters from Albion that we can supply you with come with all types of wheel and tread options, including mold-on rubber, phenolic and polyurethane. You have well over 100 options available, and a range of capacities from 1,700 lbs. to a staggering 17,000 lbs.

Learn about Albion Casters and Wheels in this video:

3. TWIH/TWIHR Series from Bestway

If your needs for casters stretches to heavy-duty, the revolutionary double ball kingboltless caster design from Bestway is the ideal choice. They are engineered to provide safe and secure load-bearing and have a capacity of up to 25,000 lbs.

The wheel type can be a straight ductile iron, or urethane on either cast iron or ductile iron.  As with any twin-wheel configuration, the load is shared between two wheels literally doubling the caster’s capacity.

Why Dual Wheel Casters are Superior to Single Wheel Casters

Additionally, dual wheel casters are much easier to maneuver than single wheel casters. This is because a single wheel caster needs to pivot centrally when turning, whereas dual wheel casters continue to roll in opposite directions around one another. This ease-of-movement is essential if you are moving excessive or heavy loads, and it means that moving loads is considerably less back-breaking.

Dual-wheel casters are also much less likely to cause floor damage, as they do better job of coping with heavy loads and turn more easily.

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