Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand Trucks

Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand TrucksAs any commercial business owner knows, the key to success in any industry is the ability to adapt and be versatile. There are few brands that understand those needs better than Wesco, which offers a number of convertible hand trucks that can perform virtually any task in an industrial or commercial setting. The company’s signature line of convertible hand trucks is known as the Spartan, and there are several options to meet the needs of each commercial business owner.

Need Shelves? With the Spartan Series, You’ve got them

One of our most popular products is the Spartan Shelf Cart. This unique hand truck can actually transform itself from an upright hand truck to a cart with one or two shelves. This unique versatility means that this convertible model can actually replace as many as three pieces of equipment in the typical industrial setting, saving space and helping to pad company budgets.

Best of all, this particular model comes in two different sizes, helping commercial business owners target their needs, as well as their costs, when ordering. The Spartan Jr. model has a slightly lesser weight capacity and is a smaller model overall. For more heavy duty needs, the Spartan Sr. shelf cart is able to lift heavy appliances, transport materials with its shelving, or serve as a flat bed hand truck throughout a business’ facility.

Of course, some customers prefer to buy more traditional hand trucks for their needs, and we have plenty from Wesco that fit the bill.

Going More Traditional: The Standard Convertible Hand Truck

The Spartan line of hand trucks that we sell to our customers is specifically designed to be light, compact, and versatile for a number of needs. That is, after all, where the name “Spartan” comes from. Outside of its convertible shelf carts that do double duty as hand trucks, Wesco offers several Spartan models that are more traditionally convertible.

Generally, the company differentiates between the models sold to customers based on the hand truck’s size. We typically recommend the Spartan Jr. and Mini-Cobra models to customers with relatively light duty needs. These hand trucks are easy to store and maneuver, and they can perform most tasks well. For heavier duty environments, our professionals often prefer to sell the Cobra Sr. and Spartan III models. These two models are extremely heavy duty, and can be easily converted to handle any task.

Finally, the Spartan 3-Position models are perfect for turning a typical hand truck into a rolling, flat bed cart that can perform even more tasks. These models leave the shelving options behind, preferring instead to move larger pieces of furniture or equipment throughout the facility.

We’ve Got the Hand Trucks You Need

Wesco’s popular convertible hand trucks are sold by our professional staff on a regular basis, as our customers prefer the blend of Wesco durability with Douglas Equipment’s affordability. If a new convertible hand truck looks to be in your company’s future, be sure to contact us and discuss your needs with one of our professional representatives.