What are the best manufacturers of spherical caster wheels?

What are the best manufacturers of spherical caster wheels?What Are the Best Manufacturers of Spherical Caster Wheels

Spherical caster wheels are utilized for furniture, fixtures, office equipment, industrial equipment and institutional/medical equipment. These casters are constructed by mounting a ball inside a restraining fixture or “hood.” The hood may be made of a decorative material or may have a decorative metal finish. Spherical casters are available with an array of decorative finishes, such as Metalized Brass, Windsor Antique and Bright Chrome. Brakes are not available on spherical casters.

Spherical Caster and Replacement Wheel Manufacturers

Manufacturers of spherical casters and wheels sell their products through equipment distributors. Most manufacturers do not sell directly to the consumer. When you need spherical casters or replacement wheels, you will need to order the casters or wheels from one of the manufacturer’s distributors. To become an informed consumer when selecting a distributor for spherical caster wheels, research several distributors that carry wheels manufactured by the most reputable companies.

Spherical Caster Wheel Materials

Consider the material from which the wheels are made. Some manufacturers will use inexpensive materials for replacement wheels, while others pride themselves on using only the best. The quality of the material used to construct the wheel will determine the weight load that the wheel is able to safely support. Cheaper materials may not support the weight load you need for your application. Ensure that the spherical caster wheel that you select is strong and durable enough to support the weight load of the application.

Selecting the Best Spherical Caster Wheel Distributor

Many factors must be considered when selecting a distributor for spherical caster wheels. The distributor should have a proven track record for reliable products and excellent customer service. Distributors of spherical caster wheels may carry wheels of varied quality manufactured by a variety of manufacturers.

Consider the guarantee offered by the equipment distributor when ordering spherical caster wheels. You need to be assured that if the caster wheels do not adequately support the weight limits advertised that you will be able to return the casters for a full refund. The best manufacturers of caster wheels stand behind their products.

If, for whatever reason, the product is not up to par, the best manufacturers will rectify the issue. Quality distributors also stand behind the products they sell. A quality distributor will provide a performance guarantee for the products they sell. After all, the products they have selected to distribute define the reputation of the company.

Quality companies share one common feature. They all offer their customers excellent customer service. The best spherical caster wheel distributors will provide their customers with outstanding customer service. Whether you are a first time customer or you have placed several orders with the distributor, you should receive exemplary customer service each time you have contact with the company.

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