Anti Rust Stainless Steel Caster Wheels

Stainless Steel Caster Wheels

Hamilton Caster, S-WHS-6SB

Several industries, including the hospitality and hotel industry, food manufacturing and processing, as well as hospitals and medical offices, require anti rust stainless steel caster wheels. Stainless steel casters that do not rust are necessary for applications that require frequent washing and are often exposed to harsh cleaning products, corrosive liquids and steam, all of which will cause other types of metal to rust. A variety of these wheels are available from our company, Douglas Equipment, at the most competitive prices.

Food Manufacturing and Processing Applications

Stainless steel caster wheels utilized in food processing plants and other food manufacturing applications are resistant to grease, solvents and food products. These caster wheels are easily cleaned and sterilized for maintaining a safe and sanitary environment in food manufacturing plants. These will not absorb water and are also resistant to stains and will not rust when exposed to cleaning solvents or water. This type of caster is utilized in meat packing plants, dairy plants and other applications in the food industry as they are impervious to continuous cleaning and exposure to moisture. Because such applications generally require steam cleaning of equipment, an anti rust stainless steel caster wheel is necessary. These wheels are not damaged or otherwise affected by steam cleaning.

Medical and Hospital Applications

Hospital and medical equipment need to be supported by anti rust stainless steel caster wheels that may be frequently cleaned and sanitized by steam and potentially corrosive solvents. Stainless steel is the optimal material for caster wheels utilized for hospital and medical applications. These wheels are lightweight and allow medical equipment to move smoothly and efficiently.

Hotel and Hospitality Applications

In hotels and venues in the hospitality industry, caster wheels need to travel smoothly across various surfaces, such as linoleum, tile and carpet. In addition, caster wheels should be rust resistant due to the need for rigorous cleaning and cleaning solvents. Stainless steel caster wheels are widely used in the hotel and hospitality industry because of the resistance to rust and moisture. These casters are stain-resistant and easy to clean, which is necessary in hotel and hospitality applications.

High Technology Industry

Stainless steel caster wheels are also used by companies in the high technology industry. In high tech factories and warehouses, the challenge for caster wheels is not a problem of rust, but rather one of magnetized surfaces. High tech components are sensitive to surfaces that are magnetic. Our wheels are non-magnetic and are safe to use in all high tech applications.

Our anti rust stainless steel caster wheels are versatile and suited for a variety of applications where wheels are exposed to corrosive materials, moisture and frequent cleaning. Contact us for more information about these wheels. We distribute the highest quality stainless steel caster wheels at competitive prices. Order these wheels for any application from our company.