Wesco Power Drive Steel Platform Truck

Platform trucks are one of the mostWesco Power Drive Steel Platform common sights in any commercial or industrial facility, but they’re often controlled manually without any power drive system in place. That might be fine for lighter loads, but it can be quite tough to maneuver when a larger item is placed onto the platform for transportation throughout the facility. In many cases, commercial business owners would do themselves, and their workers, a big favor by considering one of Wesco’s power drive steel platform trucks instead of a manual option.

Because of their high-quality construction, extra large weight capacities, and sizable casters, the power drive steel platform trucks sold by Wesco are appropriately versatile and powerful, able to handle equipment of any size. Before buying, however, business owners should make a few key considerations.

Remember to Pay Careful Attention to the Platform Truck’s Weight Capacity

Perhaps more important than any other aspect of the truck at the time of purchase is the truck’s rated weight capacity. Just like all forms of power equipment, Wesco sells a full line of power drive platform trucks that can handle loads of varying sizes. The trucks’ weight capacities are perfect for buying only the truck size needed, but it can also be easy to buy a model that isn’t up to the heaviest tasks.

The entry-level truck offered by Wesco can handle loads of up to 992 pounds, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. For a slightly higher price, though, buyers can upgrade their purchase to a truck capable of handling as much as 1,102 pounds. Each truck’s size and weight varies based on the size of the platform and the rated capacity, so keep this in mind when making a purchase.

Don’t Worry About the Truck’s Casters

Wesco’s power drive steel platform trucks all come with 8-inch rubber casters that are perfect for heavy-duty operation in most of today’s commercial and industrial settings. These large casters are the perfect complement to the large platform size and elevated weight capacity, and their rubber construction will ensure that no added noise is endured on the job. They’ll also help to protect the load from any jolts or bumps on the floor itself.

Wesco has always been committed to the highest levels of quality and versatility in its products, and the 8-inch casters featured on its platform trucks are a pretty good example of that. When combined with the trucks’ varying weight capacities and overall size, the casters are the perfect way to round out the utility of these essential platform trucks.

At Douglas Equipment, a Wide Variety of Wesco Products

For decades, we’ve been helping customers secure the best products for their commercial and industrial needs. That has often meant pointing them in the direction of Wesco, which stands as one of the most well regarded names in material handling equipment around the world. Customers who are in search of a high-quality power drive platform truck should be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible, so that we can put our experience and large production selection to work for each need.