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What are the most important uses of light quality casters?

What are the most important uses of light quality castersCasters have long enjoyed a reputation as heavy-duty equipment for major medical or commercial uses, but light duty casters are actually far more versatile and common in today’s homes and workplaces. These smaller, less load-bearing casters, can help turn everyday pieces of furniture and equipment into highly mobile workstations that are far easier to move from place to place, benefiting workers and clients alike. There are a number of significant and quite common uses for these more consumer-grade casters, and they range from the clerical to the medical.

Moving Entertainment Equipment: Getting Heavy Televisions from Place to Place

It’s no secret that televisions are still quite heavy, even as they’ve slimmed down and incorporated things like LED panels. Their general unwieldiness can make it hard to move them between rooms in an office or hospital setting. Combined with the typical set-top boxes, DVD players, or other attached gadgetry, getting them from place to place can be a tangled, heavy, and frustrating mess. This does not need to be the case when light duty casters are used in place of immobile entertainment centers.

Televisions and their associated gadgets can all be placed onto shelves that are equipped with casters, allowing them to be moved easily through offices, hospitals or clinics, and even the hallways of a busy school building. These casters are designed to support moderately heavyweights and, due to their neoprene rubber treads, they’ll be able to be made mobile without making much noise in the process.

Desk Chairs and Other Seating Made Mobile

Virtually every patient, at one time or another, has passed their waiting time for a doctor by enjoying a ride on the doctor’s caster-enabled chair. It’s really one of the only entertainment venues in these otherwise staid and boring rooms used for medical diagnoses. Those chairs, however, tend to get a lot of wear and tear. After all, only so many patients can take a joy ride before the casters need replacing.

Douglas Equipment offers a wide variety of casters with grip ring, grip neck, and threaded stems so old casters can easily be exchanged for newer models that enable a smoother, more enjoyable experience for doctors and their waiting patients alike. The Omega and Pacer casters offered by Douglas Equipment come with a number of standard stem sizes, making it possible for new casters to perfectly match the size and style of the ones they’re replacing. That, combined with the ability to secure these casters in chrome or black colors, makes them able to easily blend into any environment and match any chair’s color scheme.

Light Duty Casters: Moving the Office and Medical Worlds Through the Workday

Despite the caster’s reputation as an industrial or commercial tool for greater mobility, these lighter duty casters are adept at making heavy equipment, chairs, and media carts quite portable in everyday settings. They’re designed to blend in, last a long time, and aid the overall ease with which common tasks are completed. That’s a winning combination for any business, and they’d be wise to look into new or replacement casters for their most-used office equipment. For more information about light quality casters, contact our experts today.