Morse Drum Handling Equipment Distributor in South Florida

Morse Drum Handling Equipment Distributor in South FloridaIf you’re based in the Miami area or anywhere in the state of Florida, then you really need to look no further than Douglas Equipment as your distributor for drum handling equipment. We carry a wide array of equipment that’s manufactured by one of the top producers of material-handling equipment in the USA – Morse.

If your business involves the handling of drums, then you’ll of course understand that it’s vital that your company uses equipment that can be relied upon. That way not only do your processes become as efficient as possible, your employees are kept safe and are able to perform their tasks to the best of their abilities. You can certainly rely upon the items of equipment supplied by Morse – you have both our word and our guarantee on that!

Morse Drum Rollers and Tumblers

Drums typically contain liquids or solids and sometimes those liquids and solids are made to remain in their drum for some considerable time. During this time such contents may settle or separate, leaving them in a less than ideal condition when the time comes for dispensing.

Additionally, drums are frequently transported between multiple destinations. When this happens, the contents of a drum can become agitated and may arrive at their destination in a consistency that is less than desired.

To thoroughly mix the contents of a drum, you need to purchase a Morse drum roller or tumbler. A drum can be lowered by a forklift onto a roller or tumbler and then the drum rotates so that all contents are mixed properly. Morse supplies drum rollers than can be used manually or that are motorized – in the latter case you simply leave the drum on the roller, set it in motion and leave the device to do its job. This will leave your employees free to perform other tasks.

Morse Drum Pourers

Of course dispensing the contents of a drum is essentially what drum storage is all about. Fifty-five gallon drums are heavy, so removing the contents can be extremely difficult if employees are left to perform the task manually.

A much safer and more productive way of removing a drum’s contents is to use a drum pourer from Morse. With this essential piece of equipment, you simply load the drum as required then set the mechanism to work. The drum will be lowered in a safe manner so that its contents can be removed safely and efficiently. You also reduce the risk of accidents and spillage, both of which are essential to avoid especially if you work with hazardous materials.

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We hope we’ve provided enough information for you to consider the purchase of Morse drum-handling equipment in order to help your business become more productive. To get the drum rolling, you can contact us online using our handy online contact form, or you can pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-451-0030. We look forward to serving all your material-handling equipment needs.