Pallet Lifter Manufacturers

Pallet Lifter ManufacturersA Staple of Many Industries

One thing that is a staple of many different types of industries is the pallet. The pallet is the square, stackable, most often wooden platform that is portable and is used to move, store and transport material, stock and other items. Because of the everyday use of the pallet it is very often an overlooked item that can provide many uses. For industries that are centered on moving items and shipments the loading and unloading of pallets is a usual occurrence. Pallets are often seen being moved onto and off of storage shelves, around loading docks, and on and off of trucks, ships, and planes.

Ways to Move a Pallet

In any industry that utilizes pallets, an equally important aspect of the use of pallets is the device or equipment that moves them. There are many pieces of equipment that can aid in the loading and unloading and transporting of the pallets and that can make the job easier, more efficient and safer. There are hand operated pallet trucks that can be used to make the pallets mobile, enabling the pallets to be transported to and from different areas. There are also hydraulic pallet trucks that utilize the benefits of hydraulic power to alleviate strain and stress on individual workers and to make the process of moving pallets much easier and more efficient. There are pallet levelers, a piece of equipment that enables the user to move pallets smoothly up and down to make the job of loading and unloading the pallet easier. It expands and compresses as needed to aid in the ease of loading and unloading. It also helps to reduce the labor of unneeded bending and lifting of the worker who is loading the pallet.

Workplace and Worker Benefits

All of these different types of equipment that are utilized to move and lift pallets enable the movement of the individual worker to be minimized. And by cutting down on the physical labor that is required by the individual worker it can help to reduce worker fatigue. Cutting down on fatigue can help to reduce the possibility of injury from overuse. Also, assisting the worker in this way will help to improve the overall work environment which can result in an increase in workplace productivity, job efficiency and worker longevity.

The Leveler

Pallet Lifter ManufacturersAn example of a pallet leveler is the Wesco heavy-duty pallet leveler. It comes with many standard features. The steel leveler has three heavy-duty calibrated springs. These springs can be used in many combinations, depending on the weight of the load of the items and material that is loaded onto the pallet. The heavy-duty pallet leveler also offers a bearing supported carousel; this enables the entire unit to be turned very easily. This one feature is an important aspect of reducing strain on the individual worker by allowing for easier maneuverability. An additional feature that increases versatility of the leveler is the built-in fork pockets. They aid in transport of the pallet leveler by a fork truck. The Wesco pallet leveler is 36″ wide x 45.5″ long, and is 9.25″ when compressed has a 29″ raised height when expanded. Overall it has a load capacity of 400-4,500 pounds and can hold a load size of up to 72″ x 50″ x 50″. Its carousel has a diameter of 40.75″ and a rotating ring diameter of 43.5″. The built-in fork pockets are 39″ x 5.75″ and the total unit weighs 449 pounds. The quality design and construction of the pallet leveler allows for it to be easily used and maintained with little to no need of tools for adjustment. When it comes to loading and unloading pallets from different levels it is a necessity in any industry.

The Trucks

The hand pallet truck enables pallets to be transported smoothly with the simple use of hand-powered motion. They are very useful in settings in which pallets must be moved from one section to another. There are many different types of pallet trucks available and some of the basic options include:

The Stainless Steel Pallet Truck is made entirely of stainless steel and is especially useful in certain industries such as the food industry, the medical industry and in other industries and work environments in which the equipment may be exposed regularly to water, moisture and corrosive solutions. Another option is the CPII Pallet Truck. This pallet truck offers adjustable fork connecting rods and an overload by pass. Sports a rubber coated handle and is available with different length forks. Yet another option is the Standard Deluxe Pallet Truck. It has a pump overload by pass, exit rollers, adjustable fork tie rods, a rubber coated handle and tapered fork tips.

An example of the hydraulic pallet truck is Wesco lifter model PLFTR – LIFTER.
It is designed with a heavy-duty steel construction and is made to have a weight load capacity of up to 1100 lbs. The pallet truck itself weighs 258 lbs. It is 40 inches tall and is 27 inches wide, and 61.5 inches deep. The pallet truck is equipped with load and steering caster wheels made of polyurethane. It has forks that are 6.5 inches wide, 44 inches long and 27 inches apart. When it is lowered it is 3.2” high and when it is raised it is 35” high. An additional feature is that it is designed to also be able to transport pallets that have bottom boards. This is made possible by placing the entire pallet on top of the forks. These are just some of the many quality options for moving pallets.

No matter the specific work condition in which pallet trucks are utilized in your business there is a piece of equipment that is best suited to how you want to do business. It can be difficult to determine the best piece of equipment with the amount of quality products available; however, we can help you. We can aid you and your business in the decision making process by asking the right questions and giving you the product information that you need. Please contact us Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, locally at 305-888-3700, or by faxing us at 305-883-9563. We can also be reached electronically by contacting us through the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to speaking with you.