Jobs That Strip Doors Can be Used For

Jobs That Strip Doors Can be Used ForThe Passageway
Movement is important. Regardless of all the activity that happens in a particular work environment there is one place that has constant movement – the doorway. Whenever an individual passes through a doorway, it is with intention. A doorway is a passageway that can be considered to provide both access and escape. Whether coming or going, passing through a doorway indicates a change of energy as one enters or exits the space.

How Many Times Do You Pass Through a Doorway?
Think for a moment how many times you pass through a doorway every day. Also take a moment to think about how many of those times the doorway that you passed through had a door that you had to open or close. This flow of kinetic energy takes time and depending on what needs to be accomplished or what you may be carrying, having to stop and open the door can hinder efficiency.

Keep it Moving
In a workplace that requires constant movement, small things can make all the difference when it comes to speed, efficiency and safety. By analyzing the moments that slow down efficiency, and taking an active step towards improving, it you can improve the overall workplace environment. One simple space to consider in the workplace is the doorways.

Questions to Consider

•    What two spaces does the doorway connect?
•    Is there a pertinent reason to have a door on the doorway?
•    Are there different activities taking place in the two different spaces?
•    Does one side have more noise than the other side?
•    Is there a temperature difference in the two sides?
•    Would it be helpful to see what is on the other side before entering the adjacent space?
•    How much traffic flows through the doorway during the workday?
•    What type of traffic flows from one space to the next?
•    Is it human, or humans with equipment?
•    These are just a few things to consider when addressing the best way to make the flow of the workplace more efficient and seamless.
•    An option that offers many benefits and may be the perfect option for the workplace doorway is the strip door.

How Can the Workplace Benefit from a Strip Door?
Strip doors offer many positive attributes to an opening in a workplace. Strip doors are durable, translucent panels that hang vertically in the opening of a doorway. They are both simple to install and also simple to remove in case the needs of the workplace doorway ever changes. Strip doors act as a curtain that has a less flowing sense of movement, yet offer a smooth transition and are able to be passed through easily.

They conserve space by removing the need for a swinging door. They allow the individual to see clearly to the other side with two-way visibility, preventing possible collisions. Strip doors also allow the individual to pass through without the cumbersome need to stop and open a door handle or even push a solid door. This allows one to pass through the doorway while carrying a full load or moving equipment of any nature. The heavy-duty material that the strips are made of also helps to reduce sound and other types of pollution from transferring from one space to the next.

Because of the nature and material of the strip door, they can be customized to fit any opening. The strip doors are made of single strips that can be mounted by attaching them to hooks for each strip so you can have as many or as few as is needed for the opening. Due to this flexibility and usability, strip doors are an economical choice for a workplace that requires constant movement, but needs some kind of functional barrier between two spaces.

A Variety of Uses
Strip doors are commonly found in retail, food service and industrial workplaces. They are extremely useful in the food service industry, separating additional work spaces from the main kitchen. They are very useful in industrial areas, cutting down on dust and other easily spreadable contaminants from carpentry and mechanical work. Strip doors are very useful in shipping warehouses, in between areas that require workers to move quickly from one area to the next. There are many obvious places in which a strip door can be utilized, but that is just the beginning. Strip doors can also be used in unconventional places and home and studio environments.

The strip door by Wesco is available in a variety of lengths and widths. The strips are made of a high quality, flexible, durable vinyl. Each strip is mounted on a molded plastic, high-strength bracket. There is no need for screws or bolts, the panels simply hook onto the brackets making installation and dismantling very simple. Additionally, replacement parts are available if the strip door should undergo normal wear and tear and need to be replaced.

Who to Trust
A trusted source for strip doors is Douglas Equipment. Having been in the material handling equipment business for over fifty years, we understand the importance of efficiency and safety in the workplace. We also know that strip doors are a simple, easy and economical way to aid in increasing efficiency and safety in a workplace. No matter the type of workplace, there are always specific elements that can be improved and Douglas Equipment prides itself in having all the things that you need to ensure that you have the best workplace environment.

We at Douglas Equipment understand that industrial environments are hardworking places and our job is to provide you with the tools to improve your workplace and the experience of all the staff and employees involved. If there is anything that you need to better your industrial workplace we will strive to help you to find the best option in our full-stock inventory. Please contact us by calling us Toll-Free at 1-800-451-0030 or by contacting us through the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and assisting you to find the best product to suit your workplace needs.