Supplier of Pallet Levelers in Doral, FL

Supplier of Pallet Levelers in Doral, FL An Overlooked Necessity

Many products that people consume and use on a daily basis are at one point in the process of being shipped and transported from one place to another. The bulk industry that supplies many of the world’s stores and retailers are shipped on what is known in the industry as pallets. The pallet is usually made of wood, is square, and stackable and is used to transport many items at one time. The pallet is an often-overlooked item that provides lots of uses. In industries in which pallets are used there is an often overlooked but absolutely necessary piece of material handling equipment that is needed, the pallet leveler. It is used to maneuver pallets off and on storage shelves, loading docks, ships, planes and trucks.

Assisting in Workplace Ease

The pallet leveler is utilized in the unloading and loading of the pallets and it makes the job much easier, as well as more safe and efficient. The pallet leveler is a piece of material handling equipment that is able to move up and down smoothly to better enable the pallet in use to be loaded and unloaded. It has the ability to expand and compress during the process, which is very useful. One thing specifically that it aids in is reducing the need for the worker to bend over and lift in unneeded situations. In this way alone, the pallet leveler is able to reduce the amount of physical labor required of workers and this in turn aids in reducing fatigue and the possibility of overuse and stress related injuries. By assisting the worker in the job it helps to improve the overall workplace environment and therefore can be instrumental in increasing the level of productivity and efficiency of the workplace.

Making the Best Matched Decision

When it comes to knowing what is the best option to choose in material handling equipment the many options available in today’s market can make the choice a difficult one. It can be daunting to try and match the tool or equipment to the job that needs to be accomplished. The best way to start the process is to know the full details of the job that is going to be accomplished. The moving of pallets could seem like a generic job; however, there are many specific job conditions that could make certain levelers better and more suited to the specific workplace. That is why knowing the full details of the specific job and the workplace conditions can be vital to making the best possible choice when it comes to choosing the best piece of material handling equipment.

Quality That You Can Trust

As in any industry there are a few names and manufacturers that stand out due to their consistency and reputation in the industry. In the line of the work that requires the constant movement of pallets it is vital to pick equipment that is made by a company that has a standard for excellence and quality-made products. It is vital to the livelihood of the business to acquire material handling equipment that is as hardworking as the industry you are in. If there is unnecessary time and money spent on repairing equipment that is broken that results in money and time lost. It is therefore very important to choose a material handling equipment company that supplies equipment made by quality manufacturers. In regards to material handling equipment one of the most trusted names in the business is Wesco.

An Industry Staple

Wesco manufactures many different types of equipment made for material handling. One of the pieces in particular that they make is the pallet leveler. They have a heavy-duty pallet leveler that is available with many standard features. Its main construction is of steel and it features three springs that are heavy-duty calibrated. Depending on the weight of the load that needs to be loaded directly on the pallet, these three springs can be used in combination. Additionally the pallet leveler also has a bearing supported carousel. This allows for the entire unit to be turned easily, and therefore, can reduce the worker strain by allowing it to be maneuvered easily. Also there is another useful feature, the built-in fork pockets that are able to aid the ease of transport by a forklift. This basic pallet leveler by Wesco measures 36″ wide x 45.5″ long, and is 9.25″ when compressed with a 29″ raised height. Its load capacity is 400-4,500 pounds and is able to hold a load size of 72″ x 50″ x 50″.   Its carousel diameter is 40.75″ and it has a rotating ring diameter measuring 43.5″.  It has fork pockets that measure 39″ x 5.75″.  Overall the total unit weighs 449 pounds. The standard design of the pallet leveler has features that allow for the worker to easily use and maintain the piece of equipments with little to no need for adjustment or tools. When it comes to loading and unloading pallets it is an absolute industry necessity. No matter if your company is in need of a pallet leveler or another type of material handling equipment, there is another name in the industry that can be trusted.

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