Electric High Lift Pallet Jack: A Douglas Equipment Review

In your warehouse or production facility, you probably have a wide variety of equipment to use when moving pallets. The most basic tool is the humble pallet truck that your workforce uses for the day-to-day shifting of pallets from your warehouse to where they need to be transported.

The most heavy-duty item you have is probably your fleet of forklift trucks. They perform all the heavy lifting all day long before being left to charge overnight, or when needed. Forklifts are used for tasks that otherwise would quickly fatigue workers if only manual options were available, and for tasks that cannot be completed manually, such as lifting pallets to high areas of shelving.

Sometimes a Forklift is Wasted on a Task That is Not Too Strenuous

Some pallet moving tasks are an annoyance. For example, positioning a pallet on the first raised shelf of a storage facility. If your forklift fleet is busy with other more labor-intensive tasks, then it seems like a waste of resources to pull them away from what they are doing just to lift a pallet a few feet off the ground. You cannot, however, expect such a task to be done via manual, non-mechanical intervention – pallets are heavy and if handled incorrectly, dangerous.

Thankfully, there is an intermediate situation – an electric high lift pallet jack.

At Douglas Equipment We’re Always Happy to Recommend Products Made by Wesco

If you’ve followed our company for any length of time then you’ll be aware that we’re always happy to champion the products we stock that are manufactured by Wesco. We have every reason to do so, we believe, as Wesco is one of the top manufacturers of material handling equipment in the USA, if not the world. Their products and services have certainly stood the test of time – as they, as a company, have been in business since 1922.

Among the many products they manufacture include an electric high lift pallet jack.

Introducing the Electric High Lift Pallet Jack From Wesco

If you purchase a Wesco Electric High Lift Pallet Jack from our team at Douglas Equipment, then you are guaranteed to receive a useful and reliable product. This pallet jack has been designed specifically for the transportation and horizontal lifting of loads up to a maximum of 2,200 lbs.

All electric high-lift pallet jacks manufactured by Wesco feature a pump warranty that lasts for 1 year, and a hydraulic lift system that’s battery powered. Operation of the device is extremely simple with fingertip, push-button controls. The purchase of one or more of these devices will create huge labor savings for you by allowing your workforce to work more efficiently. This tool really is an effective piece of equipment for various working environments.

The Wesco pallet jack has a weight of just over 350 lbs., and in lowered position the forks are an industry-standard 3.3” off the ground. When in raised position, the forks are capable of raising a load up to that maximum load capacity of 2,200 lbs. up to a height of 31”.

The forks themselves are 42” in length, and an overall width of between 21” and 45”, depending upon which model you purchase.

The Wesco Electric High Lift Pallet Jack – a Few More Specifications

The Wesco Electric High Lift Pallet Jack is manufactured from high-strength steel, which means the forks will not bow when placed under pressure unless the recommended load capacity of 2,200 lbs. is exceeded. The wheels are made from moldon polyurethane, giving you perfect traction and smooth rolling even over rough terrain.

When operated, the forks will take between 10 and 12 seconds to extend to full height, depending on the load being lifted. Power is supplied by a twelve-volt battery, for which a battery-charging kit is included.

Wesco Electric High Lift Pallet Jacks Available as Supplied by Douglas Equipment

When you order an electric high lift pallet jack from Wesco, you have a choice of four models:

  • NTEHL21

Basic model, as described above

  • NTEHL27

Identical to the basic model, except that the width of the unit is 27”, as opposed to 21”. This model should be used if a number of larger sized pallets need to be moved on a regular basis, although the standard load capacity of 2,200 lbs. should still not be exceeded.

  • TEHL21

This pallet truck is ideal if you move heavier pallets on a daily basis. The TEHL21 is identical to the basic model in many ways, except that it is manufactured to provide a load capacity close to 3,000 lbs.

  • TEHL27

The ‘sister truck’ of the TEHL21, this device also has a load capacity of 3,000 lbs., but like the NTEHL27 it has wider forks at 27”. This does not, though, mean that the 3,000 lb. capacity can be exceeded.

Additional Information About the Wesco Electric High Lift Pallet Jack

All Wesco units come with a full instruction manual that should be read carefully before operating the units. The instructions will include information about how to replace the hydraulic oil should the unit begin to perform less than what is desired (as is perfectly normal due to wear and tear once the unit has been in operation for an extended period). Note that you should only ever replace the oil in your pallet jack with specific hydraulic oil. You are also advised to use multipurpose lubricating grease in order to prolong the lifetime of your unit(s).

If You Need to Know More About This Pallet Jack or any Wesco Product – Just Ask!

We’re always available at Douglas Equipment to answer any questions you might have about Wesco products, or any product that we sell. Our friendly sales support team is always at the end of the phone so just give us a call at 1-800-451-0030. You can also use our online contact form if you’d prefer to contact us via email.