Where to Find the Best Caster Wheels and Industrial Handling Equipment

When looking for the best caster wheels and industrial handling equipment, trust Douglas Equipment. You can spend a lot of time searching through many suppliers and manufacturers, or you can simply contact Douglas Equipment and save a lot of time and effort. Douglas Equipment understands that caster wheels and industrial handling equipment need to be sturdy, functional and reliable.

As the leading distributor of industrial-handling equipment, we have supplied many businesses with the tools to get the job done. Our relationships with various brands like Colson, Shepherd, Morse, Wesco, etc. has allowed us to present a variety of options for your caster and industrial-handling needs.

Caster Wheels Are Available in Many Different Types

Caster wheels and industrial handling equipment can come in various types of materials. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course the less durable materials will be less expensive. However, these materials can still work perfectly when the caster wheel won’t be supporting much weight. If the item to be supported is larger and heavier, the caster wheel will need to be able to support more weight. It may also need to be a bit larger. Douglas Equipment can help you find the best caster wheels that will function as required in each situation.

Different Caster Wheels Fit Different Situations

For many people, a caster wheel may just simply be a wheel. Douglas Equipment understands that different types of caster wheels are required for different types of jobs. Many factors can make a difference in what type of wheel is required.

For an example, the type of flooring can change the kind of caster wheel that will work most efficiently. Soft caster wheels are required for hard floors. In the case of hardwood floors, the most delicate caster wheels may be required in an attempt to keep from damaging the floor.

Casters for Hard Floors

If you’re looking for a soft caster for your hard floors, then we recommend Shepherd’s Eclipse Threaded Stem Model. It’s great for transporting utility cards, food service equipment, and medical equipment. It’s even great for seating when just rolling back and forth from your desk. The diameter of the wheel can be purchased in 3” or 4” with polyurethane or clear urethane and a bearing type of Delrin and Precision Ball.

Casters for Soft Floors

For soft floors, the caster wheels must be hard. This ensures that the wheel will have enough traction to move against the floor. This is especially true of carpeted floors. The higher the pile of the carpet, the larger the caster wheel will need to be to ensure proper traction. Using a soft caster on a soft floor like carpet will make it difficult for the caster to roll on the surface. The weight of what’s being transported will cause the soft wheels to flatten out. On a harder surface, this wouldn’t be a problem, but on a soft floor, there’s not much resistance which makes the object a bit more challenging to push.

For a soft floor, the experts at Douglas Equipment recommend Colson’s Kingpingless Enforcer Swivel Caster that comes in Series 6, 7, and 8 based on the size, width and weight capacity of each wheel. Each of these casters has a top plate that bolts into the item being transported, a feature that is most useful for moving heavy objects.

How Douglas Equipment Can Help

Douglas Equipment can help you to locate the best caster wheels and other industrial handling equipment that meets the needs of each specific instance. After examining your caster wheel needs, we can determine which wheels would be best for you. Then, we can help guide you as you begin to narrow down the type of equipment or wheels that will work for your needs.

More Manufacturer Choices Allow for Better Selection

Because Douglas Equipment sees caster wheels and industrial handling equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, we are able to give you choices to find the best manufacturers. Some manufacturers make better quality equipment than others. Some manufacturers will stand by their work and replace the items if something goes wrong. If quality and reliability are important to you, let us help you find the manufacturers that guarantee and stand by their work. Here’s a list of some of the caster and industrial-handling equipment distributors Douglas Equipment has to offer:


Caster Manufacturers


·         Shepherd ·         Darnell-Rose
·         Colson ·         Faultless
·         Blickle ·         Jarvis
And more!



Industrial Handling Manufacturers


·         Wesco ·         Harper Hand Trucks
·         B & P Manufacturing ·         Raymond Products
·         Bluff Manufacturing ·         Little Giant
And more!


To learn about any of our distributors and types of caster and industrial-handling equipment we offer, read our official blog here.

Do Your Research. Listen to Satisfied Customers!

As a consumer, you can also find the best caster wheels by considering what prior customers have said about each manufacturer. A simple and quick Internet search can reveal several opinions about any of the product manufacturers. Use these reviews to determine which casters and industrial-handling equipment are the best for your situation.

If you are looking for the best caster wheels and industrial handling equipment, look no further than Douglas Equipment. We can help you find the best products at the lowest possible prices. View our online inventory today to get the best casters and industrial equipment. If you have any questions, call and speak to one of our representatives toll-free at 1-800-451-0300, or contact us online with just a click of a button!