Cleaner, Quieter, Smoother and Easier to Roll

MedCaster Casters and Wheels

MedCaster manufactures and supplies casters and wheels for the medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical industries. Their medical line of products range from 75 to 1,000 pounds in capacity per caster. The casters feature a variety of materials and options necessary to meet the unique needs of the medical industry: chrome and stainless offerings, dual and twin wheel, non-magnetic, anti-static, central locking and autoclave capable casters.

MedCaster Antimicrobial Casters & Wheels

MedCaster uses an antimicrobial compound within their optional antimicrobial wheels to suppress the growth of a variety of microbes including bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi. This compound is guaranteed to be effective over the life of the wheel. And the active ingredients in the compound have been proven safe under extensive laboratory testing. These antimicrobial wheels are perfect for medical, clean industrial, and food industry applications.

MedCaster Antistatic Casters

Antistatic casters can help protect medical equipment. MedCasters antistatic casters and wheels help minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge. MedCaster antistatic wheels and casters conform to CEN standards with resistance values < 10,000 ohms.  They are a good fit for diagnostic equipment, electronic equipment, and medical carts.

Casters for Healthcare, Laboratory & Pharmaceutical Applications

MedCaster designs each caster and wheel to meet the specific and unique mobility needs of the medical industry. All while keeping both patient and operator satisfaction in mind. Making their casters right for every medical application, including:

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Case Carts
  • Hospital Beds
  • IV Poles
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Diagnostic Imaging Equipment
  • Patient Lifts

Featured MedCaster Casters

Some of our most-requested MedCaster Casters and Wheels include:

  • NeoTeq Chrome-Plated Neoprene  – “Comfort Roll.” Hooded styling, soft and non-marking neoprene wheel, and precision wheel ball bearings make for a top-end caster suitable for IV stands, laboratory equipment, and even office chairs.
  • Twin-Med Casters – Industrial size twin wheel casters.  Wheels feature precision ball bearings for quieter, smoother operation. Grey finish and antistatic wheels are options.  Applications: nursing home beds, medical carts, diagnostic equipment, electronic equipment, patient aids, and patient lifts.
  • Primacy Twin Wheel Central Locking – For hospital beds and stretchers, and featuring either 28mm X 96mm or the newer 32mm  X 54mm hex-activated stem. Smooth integrated central locking selection for free swivel, total lock, and directional (steering) lock. Precision bearings in swivel section and sealed precision bearings in wheels. Durable twin non-marking polyurethane wheel treads. High quality synthetic cover over die cast aluminum frame. Antistatic option available.
  • Chrome Stainless – Polished 304 Stainless Steel construction. Industrial grade dual ball Swivel Raceways. Total Lock Brake models lock both swivel and wheel rotation. Directional Lock Models lock swivel only (helps with steering). Precision ball bearings in wheels for easier rollability. Wheels have full plastic thread guards for added protection. Thermoplastic Rubber and Anti-Microbial wheels are crowned for easy rolling and turning.

Authorized MedCaster Distributor

MedCaster’s slogan is “If it moves in a hospital, we move it.” If you need a MedCaster caster or wheel, Douglas Equipment can get it for you – at the best price. As a top distributor of MedCaster products, our sales team can help you determine the exact caster to meet your medical mobility needs. We have an extensive in-stock selection of MedCaster wheels and casters. And whatever we don’t have in stock, we can get for you.

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