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Drum Hand Pumps


  • Drum Pumps to dispense liquids from your drum
    The self priming piston pumps on the forward and back strokes (double action) to yield a gallon in fewer than five cycles. Use for liquids at temperatures up to 80o F and maximum viscosity of 2,000 SSU (e.g. 30W motor oil). Each pump model is designed to be compatible with specific chemicals. Check Morse website for chemical compatibility of each liquid by chemical name. It is the user"s responsibility to take appropriate safety and protective measures with hazardous chemicals. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Models 26, 27-1AE and 27-4AV are generally for liquids in pH 4 to 9 acidity/alkalinity range.

    Models 28-5BV and 28-6BE are for a wider pH range.

Model Number ShipWt Body Material O Ring Gasket Discharge Hose Suction Tube Compatible Liquids
26 10 Lb. Polyester Viton Cork-Nitrile PVC Polyester Petroleum products, lube oils
27-1AE 10 Lb. Polyester EPDM EPDM EPDM Polyester Methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol
27-4AV 12 Lb. Polyester Viton Viton Cross linked polyethylene Polyester Some napthas, some aromatics
28-5BV 12 Lb. Ryton Viton Viton Cross linked polyethylene Teflon Some chlorinated solvents, acids, aromatics, xylene
28-6BE 11 Lb. Ryton EPDM EPDM EPDM Teflon Some acids, caustics, ketones, acetates