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Drum Faucets


  • Model 65-20 Molasses Gate Faucet for viscous liquids is made of grey iron with a brass sliding plate closure. Sized for 2" pipe thread.

    Model 65-75 is like model 65-20, but sized for 3/4" bung of metal drum.

    Model 68-20 Polyethylene Faucet Ideal for use with nonflammable, corrosive liquids. Has a fast half-turn on/off handle that stays open until you close it. Use to control dispensing of viscous liquids through the 2" bung of your metal drum.

    Model 68-75 is like model 68-20 above, but sized for 3/4" bung thread. Use for more fluid liquids.

Model Number Description ShipWt
65-20 Molasses Gate Faucet for 2" pipe thread 3.5 Lb.
65-75 Molasses Gate Faucet for 3/4" pipe thread 1.5 Lb.
68-20 2" Polyethylene Faucet 1 Lb.
68-75 3/4" Polyethylene Faucet .1 Lb.