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Forklift-Karrier with Baterry Power Tilt


  • Use a two-button pendant or optional wireless tilt control to pour a drum with your fork truck. Fully invert your drum in 15 seconds. On board battery and charger are included. No power connection or modification of your truck is required.

    Handle: 55-gallon steel drum. Accepts MORcinchTM options to handle plastic or fiber drum, and Diameter Adaptors for smaller drums.

Model Number Description ShipWt Capacity
285A-BP Battery powered tilt. 1500 Lb. capacity. Accepts Top Rim Clamp or Bracket Assembly. 355 Lb. 1500 Lb.
285XBP Battery powered tilt. 2500 Lb. capacity. 500 Lb 2500 Lb.
4804i-P Wireless Control Option factory installed 3 Lb.