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CE-Marked Drum Rollers


  • Morse CE Marked Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers with included Enclosure and Safety Interlock are fully tested and certified compliant with European directives. You set the time to roll a drum from a few seconds to 16 hours to thoroughly mix drum contents, and adjust drum rolling speed from 4 to 16 RPM.


  • Easy to load upright drum at floor level
  • Ergonomic powered hydraulics lift drum into rolling position
  • Roll a drum on its side at 4 to 16 RPM
  • Set timer to roll drum for up to 16 hours
  • Gently mix contents inside a sealed drum
  • Roll a steel drum up to 102 cm (40") tall, and 15.25 to 66 cm (6" to 26") in diameter
  • Add Option # POLY-456 to roll a plastic drum
  • Capacity: 454 kg (1,000 Lb.) Liquid load, 182kg (400 Lb.) Dry Load

The enclosure has an integrated safety interlock, in accordance with European directives, so the machine automatically shuts off when the door is opened. In case of any problem during operation, the tumbler can be interrupted by pressing the red emergency stop knob. Power connections and motor controls must be installed in compliance with applicable local codes.

  Drum Roller Models  
Model # Motor Style Phase Motor
Hz Full Load
Drum RPM Ship
456-1-50-CE 1 HP TEFC 1-phase 220 50 6.2 4 to 16 655  kg
(1,444 Lb.)
L229 x W115 x H181 cm (L90" W45" H71")
456-3-50-CE 1 HP TEFC 3-phase 400 50 1.8 4 to 16 655  kg
(1,444 Lb.)
L229 x W115 x H181 cm (L90" W45" H71")
  Add Option for 200 Liter Plastic Drum Roller  
Option # Description Ship
Ship Dimensions
POLY-456 Option to Roll a Plastic Drum, Factory Installed 6.4 kg (14 Lb.) Installed on Drum Roller
POLY-456FI Kit, Field Install to Roll a Plastic Drum 16 kg (35 Lb.) L36 x W28 x H26 cm (L14" W11" H10")
Model Number Description ShipWt
456-1-50-CE L229 x W115 x H181 cm (L90" W45" H71") 655 kg (1,444 Lb.)
456-3-50-CE L229 x W115 x H181 cm (L90" W45" H71") 655 kg (1,444 Lb.)