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Transport Large Objects with Fixture Movers

Transport Large Objects with Fixture MoversTransportation of industrial equipment leads many to believe that it belongs in warehouses, factories, and other complex commercial environments that the vast majority of people don’t deal with every day. This equipment, however, is actually essential to those in the retail industry.

Specifically, retail professions depend on fixture movers in order to change the layout of a store’s sales floor efficiently and with minimal risk of worker injury. This equipment is beneficial to virtually everyone who has a retail job, and there are a number of reasons that this is the case.

Efficiency is One of the Key Benefits of Fixture Movers

Fixture movers aren’t necessarily a required piece of equipment for those in the retail industry, but they’re certainly a highly recommended addition to any sales floor. Fixture movers are designed to make it just a bit easier and more efficient for employees to move the cumbersome racks and shelves that dominate the retail landscape. This is done by elevating the shelves, giving them wheels, and making it possible to transport them efficiently.

Another key benefit of fixture movers is that they can often support multiple shelves, racks, or other structures, each time a move is made. This makes it possible to consolidate tasks and finish a full reset of the sales floor in much less time. Less manpower overall is required, and less work hours will need to be issued in order to get this tough task completed. That benefits employees and their management alike.

Less Risk of Injury with Ergonomic Fixture Movers

Of course, the increased efficiency that retail business gain from fixture movers is only one part of the story. These key pieces of equipment also help to reduce the risk of injury by reducing the amount of weight that employees will have to lift or move. Rather than being required to lift entire shelves and racks on their own, the equipment does most of the work on behalf of the store’s employees.

Best of all, fixture movers are designed in an ergonomic way that supports workers better than simply lifting and moving a shelf without support. This lowers the risk of accidental injury, sparing workers a great deal of pain and helping employers cut down on their legal and medical fees in the process.

Plenty of Options for Business Owners

Finally, fixture movers are available in a wide variety of styles and weight capacities that make them able to adapt to any environment. Some of these options are designed specifically to move things like sales racks and “T-bars,” while others are designed to move bulky grocery store shelves and aisles. Each one has a unique function that it performs ergonomically and efficiently.

Contact Douglas Equipment When Considering Fixture Movers

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