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Platform Trucks Of All Sizes

platform trucks of all sizesFor many businesses, there is no substitute for a reliable platform truck. These trucks are inherently more heavy duty than their hand truck counterparts, allowing for easy transport of heavy loads throughout a commercial or industrial facility. And, because they come in a wide variety of materials, they can be custom ordered to complete virtually any job. Best of all, they’re exceedingly affordable and paired with heavy duty wheels and casters that will smoothly transport materials throughout a facility without damage to the product — or to the workspace itself.

Steel and Aluminum Models are Great for Heavy Duty Jobs

As most industrial business owners know, a platform truck needs to be able to withstand blisteringly large loads throughout the day. And, as the same people know, there is generally no substitute for the durability of either steel or aluminum in industrial applications. For these reasons, many of the most popular platform trucks for commercial and industrial business owners are made of one of these two materials.

Typically, steel and aluminum platform trucks come with a minimum rated capacity of 2,000 pounds. That should be sufficient for a vast majority of commercial business needs. For loads that pair their great weight with a large or unconventional shape, thee trucks often come with handles that can be easily removed in order to fit an object onto the platform and center it so that it’s easier to move. This handle is paired with highly durable casters and wheels that can withstand such heavy loads.

Wood Platform Trucks are a Great Alternative for Some Businesses

Though it’s often considered a less durable material, wood is actually a great option for many platform trucks and can even enjoy a higher rated capacity than some of its competitors made of steel or aluminum. These often start out with a capacity rated around 1,300 pounds. From there, they increase incrementally to support loads up to a staggering 2,600 pounds.

Best of all, the wooden trucks come with removable handles as well as pipe stakes, making them suitable for a wide variety of industrial uses — specifically those where heavy equipment is involved. Because they’re made of wood, they tend to be a bit lighter than competing steel or aluminum models, and they’re easily maneuverable with the right wheels or casters attached the bottom of the platform.

Plenty of Other Options, Too

Though large platform trucks made of wood or metal are easily the most popular products for most businesses, a wide variety of specialty product exists to serve more detailed needs. Those include panel trucks, shelf trucks, and mini platform trucks that can be folded up for compact and easy storage. No matter the job to be done, there are plenty of options available.

Douglas Equipment is an Excellent Choice for Platform Trucks

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