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Moving Industrial Equipment Around

Moving Industrial Equipment AroundCommercial and industrial businesses are often associated with moving rather heavy objects around their facility, whether it’s between the production floor and shipment vehicles or simply between pieces of machinery. Every so often, however, those same businesses must actually move their own heavy machinery to a new place in order to promote greater efficiency on the production floor or make way for a brand new piece of equipment. This can be a rather challenging endeavor without the right equipment, so business owners are encouraged to plan ahead and secure the right tools for the job in advance. Typically, moving industrial equipment around will require a good combination of lifts, hand trucks, and even platform trucks, in order to make sure that no piece of equipment is too heavy or unwieldy to be satisfactorily relocated.

Pick the Most Versatile Hand Truck that Will Get the Job Done

Hand trucks are often assumed to be rather simplistic pieces of equipment, with most people assuming that a hand truck comes in just one style. While the basic hand truck is the most common, and it is indeed rather simplistic, this essential piece of equipment takes on many other forms as well. Chief among them is the convertible hand truck, which can easily transform from a typical model into a platform truck capable of moving much wider and heavier objects around a space.

Stair climbing hand trucks are also a great resource for businesses that will be moving objects between upper and lower floors. Extra wheels make sure that cargo arrives safely without falling or becoming damaged, saving business owners’ time and money in the process. Shelf carts are also available, as are heavy-duty trucks made of stainless steel. When planning to move industrial equipment, be sure to pick a hand truck that will be strong and highly versatile.

Lifting is the Key to Moving

A lift can make all the difference when seeking to relocate industrial equipment, and there are a number of options available. Most are hydraulic, though some electric models do exist that might help with some industrial moves. A lift is a great way to get an object off the ground just enough to give it wheels and increase its mobility. When seriously heavy industrial objects are considered, it’s easy to see why an electric or hydraulic lift can be the key piece of machinery that makes the task possible.

Don’t Forget Carts and Dollies for a Big Move

Platform carts and dollies represent the final piece of the puzzle. These two essential industrial items can move lighter equipment around, or provide a key way to make heavier pieces more mobile. There are a number of options to choose from, including various sizes and materials that will make carts and dollies suitable for every kind of industrial equipment move.

Choose Douglas Equipment for an Equipment Move

At Douglas Equipment, we’ve been serving commercial and industrial customers for decades. We know exactly what it takes to move major pieces of machinery, and we have everything in stock to make that process as easy as possible. Contact us today to see how we can turn your next major move into a major sigh of relief.