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Harper Hand Truck Supplier

Harper Hand Truck SupplierWhen shopping for hand trucks, there are few brands that compare to Harper. The company has long been one of the top suppliers of hand trucks to commercial and industrial business throughout the United States and the world, and that’s largely a sign of its continued commitment to great quality and a diverse line of products. For those customers who need a hand truck that will last them well into the future, as well a hand truck that can adapt to meet a diverse array of needs, Harper stands out as the best choice for a number of great reasons.

Made in the USA is a Big Deal for Business

Finding a product that says “Made in the USA” has become much like finding a needle in a haystack in recent times. For industrial customers, though, finding that needle is actually quite a bit easier when choosing Harper as a supplier of hand trucks. The company bases its corporate offices in Kansas and is firmly committed to American manufacturing for each of its unique products.

Most commercial business owners know that they only succeed economically when they’re good stewards of the local economy. By purchasing a Harper hand truck from a local supplier, businesses are essentially investing in American manufacturing. That helps the cause of industrial companies throughout the country, and it just makes sense.

Every Hand Truck That Business Owners Could Possibly Need

The term “hand truck” is commonly associated with an upright piece of equipment that can haul things around by kicking them back onto two wheels, but this is only part of the picture. Hand trucks can easily be converted into flatbed carts, rolling shelves, and a whole host of other products. In addition, the materials used to manufacture hand trucks are as diverse as the companies that require them for daily operations.

Harper’s hand trucks come in steel, aluminum, nylon, and other varieties. In addition to the diverse number of materials used to build these hand trucks, Harper has a diverse product line of traditional trucks, as well as hand trucks that can be converted into a number of other forms and functions. This is one reason that most companies are able to easily secure all of their hand trucks from Harper without going to the company’s competitors for any of them.

Douglas Equipment is a Great Harper Hand Truck Supplier

In the business for more than a half-century, Douglas Equipment counts itself as one of the most successful Harper hand truck suppliers in the country. We carry a full line of the company’s products, and we pair them with excellent customer service and support. Our long experience in the industrial equipment space has allowed us to intricately understand the needs of our customers, and we’re able to recommend the right hand truck types and materials with ease.

For the best service and support available for Harper’s popular hand trucks, be sure to contact us today. We’ll assess your business’ needs and offer the best equipment to get them done safely and efficiently.