Hand Pallet Truck Suppliers

Hand Pallet Truck SuppliersOne Piece of Equipment, Many Uses

One of the most versatile and useful pieces of material handling equipment is the hand pallet truck. The basic design of a hand pallet truck offers a platform of some nature that is supported and made mobile by four to six casters and maneuvered by a handle on one side of the platform. This basic design is made in many different varieties, allowing for its use to be specified; however, no matter its distinct characteristics it remains one of the most useful pieces of equipment for any business owner to have on hand.


With today’s technology and advancements in manufacturing there are many more choices in equipment than even a few years ago. And with all the available choices it can be difficult to decide not only what specific model is best for the job at hand, but also which material handling equipment supplier to purchase from. As seen below, there are many different configurations of the basic design that are available.

Some Examples

The hand pallet trucks are made from different materials, can come with different size platforms, different sized and shaped handles and with different size casters. To illustrate the variety, some possible options may include:

Aluminum Economy Tele-folding Truck

Aluminum Folding Handle Long Deck Truck

Aluminum Folding Handle Truck (with large folding handle)

Aluminum Folding Ergo-Handle Truck

Stainless Steel Folding Handle Truck (available in different sizes)

Deluxe Steel Folding Handle Truck

Aluminum Professional Series (with plastic ends)

Deluxe Steel Folding Handle Truck (with large tires)

Economy Steel Folding Handle Truck

Telescoping Handle Platform Truck (available in different sizes)

Some Specifics

Each of the different available options has different characteristics that make it better suited to specific types of work.

For example, the Aluminum Economy Tele-folding Truck offers a deck that is 16” wide and extends from 20” to 28”. Its folding a

bility allows it to have a full size platform truck that folds to a briefcase size. It sports a strong, yet lightweight aluminum frame with protective vinyl corner bumpers.

Another useful option is the Aluminum Folding Handle Long Deck Truck, which has a larger platform size of 18.5” by 18.5”. It has a lightweight aluminum deck and a wraparound corner bumper. It also sits on six 5” Thermosplastic rubber non-marking caster wheels, four that swivel and two that remain rigid in the center of the platform.

Another interesting option is the Aluminum Folding Ergo-Handle Truck with a platform sized 19” by 29”, a specialized ergonomic European style handle and protective corner bumpers. It is made of lightweight aluminum and has two swivel and two rigid Thermosplastic rubber casters offering both stability and mobility.

Another specified option is the Aluminum Professional Series with plastic ends. It has an adjustable deck that is 17.5” wide and extends from 21” to 29.5” in length. It offers a push button for quick conversion. The deck is made of anti-impact, non-skid polypropylene and aluminum. It sits on four non-marking moldon rubber wheels and sports a sponge rubber coated handle for increased comfort.

The Telescoping Handle Platform Truck offers some interesting advantages. It offers the same high quality as the Deluxe Series folding handle platform trucks but has a telescoping handle that with the push of a lever easily moves up and down. The handle has four positions that can be adjusted by height and has stops at 32”, 37”, 41” and 44”. Therefore, it can comfortably accommodate a wide range of user heights. The handle can also act as a form of support for higher than usual loads. In addition to the adjustable feature, the handle also folds down, making it easy to store and transport. It is available in different sizes, either with a platform size of 19” by 29” or with a platform size of 23” by 35”, each with a different load capacity. Both available sizes sit on four Thermoplastic rubber casters.

Tailored to the Job

No matter what it is that needs to be moved there is a proper piece of equipment that is made to the specific job and that will ensure that it is moved in the best, most efficient way. The proper equipment will allow for increased efficiency and can even make the load seem lighter for the worker that is executing the job. As can be seen there are more options today than ever before. There are many options, yet there is one piece of equipment that will offer just the right fit, strength, ability and leverage to accomplish what is needed with speed, accuracy and ease. Also, in addition to procuring the best matched equipment there are many material handling equipment accessories that can help to make sure that each piece of equipment is used properly. This will ensure both the longevity and safety of the equipment, the material to be moved, and the worker.

Choosing from the Best

Whatever it is that you need to move, there is a specific tool, accessory or piece of equipment that is just right for your job. We at Douglas Equipment take pride in having the know-how of the industry and the knowledge of the available equipment for any type of material handling job that you need to accomplish. We at Douglas Equipment know that moving anything can be hard, backbreaking work. Therefore, we always strive to make your job easier. No matter what piece of material handling equipment that you may need we can help you to find the best possible available option at the best price point. We are happy to offer a locally housed, full-stock inventory to increase speed of availability. Please contact us today by calling Toll-Free at 1-800-451-0030, locally at 305-888-3700, or by faxing us at 305-883-9563. You can also reach us electronically through the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you to choose the best material handling equipment to fulfill all of your business needs.