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Dolly vs Hand Truck: Which is Right for You?

Dolly vs Hand Truck Which is Right for YouNo matter what type of business you are in, chances are you have to move things around the workplace from time to time. A warehouse that needs to load and unload trucks, an office that needs to move around office supplies and computer equipment, a hospital that needs to bring delicate equipment to different areas of the building or a delivery service that needs to bring packages from the warehouse to the truck and then to the customer. All of these businesses need to move loads, and having the right material handling equipment can help make your operation more efficient, but how do you know what type of equipment to use?

There are so many things to choose from when it comes to material handling equipment. Without looking at powered equipment you have platform trucks, hand trucks, dollies, service carts, pallet trucks, scissor lift tables, and U-boat carts. All are extremely useful and all have their applications, but which one is right for your needs?

This is where Douglas Equipment can help. We have almost 60 years of experience in helping customers like you find the correct piece of material handling equipment for the specific needs and uses of your business.

In fact, we find that many times some of the simplest pieces of material handling equipment can be the most useful. Dollies and hand trucks are among the easiest types of equipment to use, and have a wide range of uses. Here is a bit about each of these types of equipment for you to consider for your needs, and some of the items we have to offer for each:

What Are the Best Uses for a Dolly?

A dolly is useful when you need to move a load in a tight area, like a hallway, when you can’t afford to have the load slightly tip or the material handling equipment to extend past the load. A dolly is a small platform that fits entirely under a heavy object, which raises the item up and makes it easy to move. Under the dolly are either casters or rollers that allow the dolly and the heavy object on top of it to move easily and smoothly. For moving in a straight line, rollers are ideal, but if you need maneuverability you will want a dolly with casters that can swivel and turn.

  • HeviMover Machine Roller Model BC2637: This extremely heavy duty dolly from Wesco is made from steel with steel rollers for motion. This dolly is great for moving extra large loads that need to easily slide in and out of place. The unit is 6.5” by 12.75” with a height of 4.875” with 1.1875” steel rollers. The unit weighs 52 pounds but can carry a phenomenal load of 30000 pounds. An optional steering handle is also available upon request.
  • Steel Deck Machine Dolly Model: This basic machine dolly from Wesco has a solid steel construction with 2” steel wheels to provide great strength and durability. The unit is 8.5” by 11.75” with a height of 2.5” which makes it great for placing under a container than needs to be easily moved. The unit itself weighs 11.84 pounds but holds an enormous capacity of 10000 pounds. An optional steering handle is available.

What Are the Best Uses for a Hand Truck?

Hand trucks are upright framed pieces of material handling equipment with large wheels that allow you to place them under a load, such as a stack of boxes or a large drum, and tilt back on the hand truck which allows you to roll the load freely where it needs to go. Many hand trucks have additional benefits such as a set of kick out wheels that make the hand truck into a four wheeled moving machine when it is tilted back, attachments to make climbing stairs with the truck easy or the ability to lay the hand truck down completely with casters at the top so that the entire truck becomes a cart. Many different styles and maximum capacities exist, but here are a few to demonstrate the wide variety available:

  • 700# 26T19 Hand Truck: Built by Harper Hand Truck using 1 ¼” tubular steel this hand truck is equipped with a continuous frame and a loop handle that offers push, pull or lift options, and the hand truck has a capacity of 700 pounds. The heavy steel fenders are also available to prevent rubbing on the wheels. Unit dimensions: Height 50”, Width 23”, Base Plate 7” X 18” with 10” pneumatic wheels. (Other wheel types are also available)
  • Greenline Economical 2-in-1 Hand Truck: This simple hand truck from Wesco has a steel construction with semi-pneumatic main wheels and additional solid rubber swivel casters. The hand truck has two large main wheels for moving objects vertically and two smaller wheels so that you can lay the hand truck down to use like a cart. Dimensions are Width 20”, Height 48”, Depth 16” with a capacity of 300 pounds on two wheels and 400 pounds on four wheels. This hand truck weighs 37 pounds.
  • Stairclimber for 100 Series Hand Truck: This larger hand truck from Wesco includes a belt attachment for hauling heavy loads up stairs. It fits on the 100 series hand truck, which has a steel frame construction and semi-pneumatic wheels. Dimensions are Width 22.5”, Height 48”, Depth 24” with a capacity of 500 pounds for the 100 series hand truck. The hand truck weighs 37 pounds and the stairclimber attachment adds an additional 7 pounds to the unit.

Old Fashioned Customer Service for Your Material Handling Equipment Needs

Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955, and we have learned that above all else customers want and deserve great customer service. If you need a hand truck or dolly, or aren’t yet sure what piece of material handling equipment will suit your unique needs, our team of trained service professionals is here to help make sure that you get the right piece of equipment to do your job the right way. Contact us today to find out which option best meets your needs!