Choosing the Right Stacker for Your Warehouse

Choosing the Right Stacker for Your WarehouseIf you need to lift loads in your business you have probably identified a stacker as one of the material handling equipment items you want to investigate for your needs. These small but mighty machines are ideal for moving loads at floor level and lifting loads onto shelving or into working position. For making the job of transferring material around in tight spaces they can’t be beat, but you may be wondering which model is right for you.

This is where the expert team of service professionals at Douglas Equipment can help. For almost 60 years we have been dedicated to matching our customers with the right material handling equipment for the unique tasks they need completed. We can walk you through all the choices available to make sure you get the equipment you need at a price that is affordable for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right stacker for your warehouse.

Load Capacity: How Much Do You Need to Lift?

Of course one of the biggest considerations is how much you need to lift with your stacker. At Douglas Equipment we have sources for stackers with capacities ranging from 250 pounds to 3000 pounds. Whether you need a heavy duty model for large loads or a light duty model for smaller loads we have the stacker you need. Below is information on one of our smallest and one of our largest capacity model stackers:

  • Hydraulic Lite-Lift Model LLHF: This small manual winch model stacker from Wesco has a capacity of 500 pounds with a hydraulic pedalift jack with over 35 years of proven quality. The foot operated hydraulic pump will lift a small skid to a height of 54”. Casters include wheel locks and the unit has an overall dimension of width 20”, height 70.5”, depth 30” and a weight of 139 pounds. This stacker is great for smaller applications.
  • Heavy Duty PowerStak – Model PPS3000-125AS: This is the largest model in the Presto PowerStak series of high-performance, fully-powered stackers. This heavy duty model has a 24 Volt drive motor with a 25 Amp internal charger to provide the power required to easily transport loads up to 3000 pounds. Tandem polyurethane load wheels and forged forks provide ease of movement and safe operation and the extended mast allows the stacker to lift loads up to 10 feet in the air. Dimensions are height 86”, width 58”, length 77” and a shipping weight of 2000 pounds. Further safety features include an emergency stop switch and safety key switch.

Do You Need to Move Skids or Pallets?

Pallets and skids may seem to be the same, but the bottom slats on pallets can cause problems for a stacker when the wheels do not allow you to go under the loaded pallet. For this reason there are some stackers that work on skids only and other stackers that can be used with pallets because they can straddle the loaded pallet. Here is an example of each of these types of units that we may consider for your application:

  • Power Drive Stacker (Model EKS-10): This power drive stacker from Wesco is designed for use with skids that have no bottom slats rather than pallets, but makes up for this limitation by having a load capacity of 2200 pounds. This unit is easily maneuverable with fingertip control that provides variable forward and reverse speeds and the power propulsion system that takes the effort out of moving and steering heavy loads. This stacker has forks that adjust from 19” to 27” and a lift height of 98 1/2” using a dual chain lift. Overall dimensions are width 35”, height 70” (lowered mast), depth 64” and weight 826 pounds.
  • Work Petitioners Model WPS50 Series: This series of Presto stackers has a 24” load center with 2” thick by 42” long fixed steel forks. The unit can carry loads of 2000 pounds, and the models range in raised height from 36” to 60”. Safety features include a hand operated floor lock and safety screen. The unit includes nylon front and polyurethane rear wheels with a tiller handle for better maneuverability while steering. Dimensions for the largest model are height 83”, width 56”, length 65” and weight of 990 pounds.

How High Do You Need to Lift the Load?

The stacker you want will differ depending on how high you need to lift a load. Do you want to try to place the load on a high shelf, or do you want to move it into a lower working position beside a machine. The counter balance power stacker below comes in a variety of models that will raise material to different maximum heights, and can even be used to hold material in a working position:

  • Counter-Balance Power Stacker (Model PCBFL-76-25): This model from Wesco is great for applications including loading and unloading trucks, positioning dies and feeding material to presses and has a load capacity of 1000 pounds. This model has a lift height of 76”, but other models are available in 56” and 64” lift heights. The standard long forks are 25” with 30” forks available as an option. The unit does require 600 pounds of counter weight for the 1000 capacity unit, but safety features that come as standard include a remote control, safety screen and floor lock. Dimensions are width 26.5”, height 92”, depth 59.5” and a weight of 611 pounds.

The Customer Support You Want When You Choose a Stacker

Since 1955 Douglas Equipment has been working with customers to find the right piece of material handling equipment for their unique needs, and we would be happy to do the same for you.  Contact us today!