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Buying Industrial Supplies at Better Prices than Uline and Grainger

Buying Industrial Supplies at Better Prices than Uline and GraingerWith a busy warehouse it can seem like there is always something else that needs to be purchased to make the workflow run more smoothly. Only rarely does this include a big piece of material handling equipment like a walk behind pallet truck or pneumatic lifting truck. Often this consists of smaller things like a strapping truck or a dock light. When looking for these smaller tools, it is important to get a good value for your money.

While these items are small, they may need to be bought more often and this can become expensive if you don’t find a good deal. This is why Douglas Equipment has made it our priority to provide these types of equipment so that we can continue to offer the best service and prices to our customers. You may wonder what sort of items Douglas Equipment carries. Here are just a few:

Dock Equipment for Safety, Comfort and Shipping

For improving the safety of your dock, there is nothing more important than adequate lighting in the right position. This is where mounted dock lighting can make it convenient to adjust the light into the right place at the right time. For added comfort, these lights include an optional fan to make sure that the working conditions are comfortable for your employees to help prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

  • Wesco Dock Light and Fan: This spring loaded dock light includes a push-up socket for easy bulb replacement. The arm comes with a 7-gauge wall mount and can be ordered in 24”, 40”, 60” and 90” lengths. The light can be used with lamps up to 150W for type PAR-38 and 300W for the R40 incandescent bulb. Fans operate at 18” with 2 speeds.

If you need to hold materials to a pallet, then it is often useful to have the necessary tools to strap the machine or boxes in place. Douglas has all the tools you need to make strapping easy.

  • Universal Strapping Truck: This truck includes an automatic brake to reduce strap spillage, a tray for storing the tools and seals. It also accepts 3”, 6” and 8” face coils of strapping with 8” or 16” core sizes. The unit can handle both steel and non-metallic strapping and includes 10” semi-pneumatic wheels on steel rims. Dimensions are 27’ in width, 39” in height 39” with a depth of 25”.
  • Poly Strapping System: This two-piece system includes tools for both tightening and sealing a poly or plastic strap. The high quality tensioner tightens and cuts from ½” to .625” plastic strap.
  • Steel Strapping System: These two tools are used for tightening and sealing steel banding of most sizes from .375” to .75”. The tensioner is made of cast steel for durability.
  • Strap Cutters: Spring loaded cutters allow for one hand operation that can be used on both types of strapping.
  • Tensioner/Crimper: If you want to reduce the chance of losing a tool, this one item can provide both tension and crimping of the strapping. It includes a push / windless type tensioner for steel strapping and includes a cutter and hammer knob for seal closing with wing seals. Useable for .375” to .75” wide and up to .030 thick steel strap.

For securing cargo in place on a truck or helping to remove a pallet, there are many other tools that come in handy, even if they are not needed every time. Here are a few items that can come in handy and are worth having on hand when necessary:

  • Trailer Stabilizing Jacks: For leveling of trailers parked on uneven ground, these adjustable height jacks are ideal. Made of high strength steel with a broad base, they prevent trailer dollies from sinking into soft surfaces and prevent up-ending of semi-trailers when not connected to a truck during loading or unloading. Available in economy, standard, and heavy duty options. It is recommended to always use at least two jacks per trailer.
  • Pallet Puller: This one-piece curved head includes integral spurs to bite into stringers up to 4.5” thick and allow pulling of a pallet from tight locations. The self-cleaning head is unaffected by wood particles, paint, or grease. Although they are non-load rated because they do not lift, the recommended working load limit is 1250 pounds for the .25” proof coil chain.
  • Cargo Bars, Hoops and Decking Beams: If you are holding a load on a trailer that is not fully loaded, it is important to make sure that it does not move around. This is when these items can help secure loads to prevent shifting. Available in one or two-piece construction, these bars are made of lightweight aluminum or heavy duty steel for various applications, and the cargo bars come with a quick release feature for easy removal. Hoops are optionally available for some models.

When You Are Looking for Superior Service and Prices, Turn to Douglas Equipment

The team at Douglas Equipment is always working with our suppliers to secure the best value for our customers, and we have been doing so since 1955. If you are looking for the best value for your dollar, why not tap into our vast knowledgebase that has been built for almost 60 years? Every member of our dedicated service team can help you to find the right products to satisfy your exclusive needs.

So if you are ready to learn more about how Douglas Equipment can help you find the right industrial supplies at the right price, why not contact our team now? If you are local to Miami, you can call us at 305-888-3700 and national customers can call us toll free at 800-451-0030. If you prefer, we can also be contacted online, and a member of our service team will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all of your questions. Our team is waiting to serve you with access to all the industrial supplies you need.