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Where to Buy Material Handling Equipment in Bulk

Where to Buy Material Handling Equipment in BulkIf you have material handling needs, you may need some help to figure out what type of equipment will work best for your unique application. Do you need to move pallets, drums or some other materials? Will you need manual or powered equipment? Will you need to lift materials into place, or will they remain mostly on the floor? The experienced, professional service team at Douglas Equipment will be more than happy to help.

At Douglas Equipment, we work with many different manufacturers of high quality equipment including B&P Manufacturing, Bluff Manufacturing Inc., EGA Products, Harper Hand Trucks, Hillman Rollers, Little Giant, Lift-Rite, Morse, Omni Metal Craft Corp, Presto Lifts, Raymond Products and Wesco. Each manufacturer is an expert in their respective fields, and we have the experience and know-how to direct you to the products that will best fulfill your needs.

Let’s explore a few of these manufacturers and some of their most popular products:

Harper Hand Trucks

Although they have been around as a small metal fabricator since 1940, Harper has been supplying top quality material handling products since 1953. Specializing in hand trucks, Harper currently supplies one in every three hand trucks sold in the United States.

  • 800# 56T60 Hand Truck: This truck model has a continuous frame loop handle of 1 1/4” tubular steel with a ¼” beveled steel base plate and four curved frame straps to allow for handling of curved objects. A 5/8 D-Lok axle prevents the axle from spinning in its bracket, 10” polyflex wheels provide maneuverability over curbs and obstructions while providing an 800 pound capacity, but other wheel types are also available. Unit dimensions: Height 50”, Width 20”, Base Plate 8” X 14”
  • 700# Capacity – 8675-42 Wheeled Drum Cradle: For use with both 30 and 55 gallon drums, this 1” diameter 14 gauge tube steel frame drum cradle allows for tilting a barrel or drum on the curved frame rockers and then wheeling the unit while tipped into position for draining. Non-skid cross tube prevents sliding when a drum is tipped and a single retractable handle is used for tipping. The frame has both 2.5” aluminum wheels for easy rolling when tipped and 2.5” chemically resistant polyolefin casters to allow for finer maneuvering when the unit lies flat for dispensing with the bung drain 21” from the floor when the frame has tilted the barrel onto its side. Provided unassembled in a 36” x 23-1/2” x 3-1/2” carton; assembly takes about ten minutes with common hand tools.


If you need to lift, move, rack, weigh and pour drums, you may want to choose Morse, a leading manufacturer of ergonomic barrel and drum handling equipment. With drum trucks, drum dollies, drum palletizers, drum rotators, drum rollers and drum handling forklift attachments, Morse Manufacturing should be the first place to look for drum handling equipment.

  • End-Over-End Drum Tumblers: For a vigorous mix, the Morse End-Over-End Drum Tumbler rotates a 55-gallon steel drum with drum rotation speed of 13 RPM, with variable speed models available that adjust from 3 to 20RPM. This tumbler is ideal for dry powders, wet grains, very viscous substances, or course granules. Options for this unit include factory installed load cranes (one or two), a clamp screw kit to hold a 55 gallon plastic drum and a guard enclosure kit with safety interlock. Capacity is 800 pounds for a full drum or 400 pounds for a half full drum. The unit weight is 621 pounds.
  • Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers: The Morse Tilt To Load Drum Tumbler is usable to rotate steel, plastic or fiber drums of various sizes from 29” to 37” tall and 18” to 23.5” in diameter. It also allows you to load a 55-gallon drum upright at floor level, secure the drum in the holder, and then use one handle to lift the drum and a second handle to control drum rotation. Drum rotation speed is variable from 5 to 20 RPM (50Hz models have 20% reduction in drum RPM). Options available with these models include an explosion-proof motor, or an air motor for hazardous areas, and a guard enclosure kit with safety interlock. Capacity is 800 pounds for a full drum or 400 pounds for a half full drum. Half full capacity is for a bottom heavy, unbalanced or shifting load, which is harder to tilt than a full drum. Unit weight is 1240 pounds.


Wesco Manufacturing has been producing material handling equipment since 1948 and manufactures many different types of equipment such as pallet trucks, drum equipment, hand trucks, lift equipment, platform trucks, platform carts and dock equipment.

  • Galvanized Steel U-Boat: This 24 x 60 cart has a steel frame construction with a zinc-plated steel tread plate that is patterned to avoid slipping of the material being transported, or when a person steps onto the platform. The dimensions are Width 24”, Height 60”, Depth 63” and a capacity of 1750 pounds (or 52.5 cubic feet). The unit weighs 116.5 pounds and has size 4 polyurethane casters.
  • Light Duty Powered Walkie Pallet Truck: This large rechargeable electric unit moves the pallet truck while the operator walks behind, manually steering the unit. The 27 X 48 electric pallet truck has a steel construction; Dimensions are Width 26.5”, Height 57.5”, Depth 65.5” and a capacity of 3300 pounds. The unit weighs 672 pounds with 10” polyurethane steering wheels. There is also a heavy duty version available with a capacity of 4400 pounds. Both light and heavy duty options are available in 21” X 48”size pallet trucks.

Which is the best choice for my needs?

With all of these different companies making high quality material handling equipment how do you know which manufacturer will make the equipment that is right for your unique needs? Our devoted team of knowledgeable professionals can help. At Douglas Equipment we have been in the material handling equipment business for almost 60 years and our dedicated service team is here to help you with any questions you may have when it comes to any sort of material handling equipment.

We are confident that we can help you find the right material handling equipment for your specific task at a price that is within your budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your material handling operations.