Best Price on Material Handling Equipment for Construction Companies

Best Price on Material Handling Equipment for Construction CompaniesConstruction, Described

A few words come to mind immediately when the word construction is referenced, including hard working, tough and durable. Construction companies and those familiar with the construction industry are used to being aware of high-hazard conditions, long hours, and hard work. Many aspects of work are considered part of the construction industry including alteration, repair and new construction. Many of the regular, everyday activities that take place on a construction site can potentially expose construction workers to somewhat dangerous circumstances, situations and materials. That is why it is an industry that although the overall work accomplished is very large in scale it is vital to the safety of the workers and the quality of the work that utmost attention be paid to even the smallest of details. The field and the work are labor-intensive, and it often requires much from the workers and the tools used to accomplish the work. All things used in the industry have to able to stand up to tremendous wear and tear, repeated heavy use and sometimes-extreme conditions. Overall, the construction industry is an extremely hard-working industry; therefore, all the tools, equipment and accessories that are put to use have to be as hard working and durable as the workers that use them.

Higher Efficiency, Lower Costs

Because of the nature of the industry, and the need for durability, it is important that the tools, equipment, machinery and accessories are properly matched to the specific jobs they are used for to ensure even wear and tear and therefore, promote longevity. Many times it is the improper matching of a tool or piece of equipment to the job it is being used for that causes undue early breakdown. Over time, repeated early breakdown of tools and equipment can result in lower efficiency on the jobsite. The time that is spent on the job is directly related to the money that is potentially lost or earned; therefore, more time on the job can result in increased job costs. These scenarios can be detrimental to the livelihood of any construction company both in business life and reputation. For good reason, everyone in the construction industry strives for both higher efficiency and lower costs.

A Beehive of Activity

In the construction industry there are many different types and kinds of tools, equipment, machinery and accessories that can be used in both large and small-scale construction projects. Much of the activity that takes place on a construction site relies heavily on the ability to efficiently move material of some kind. Take for a moment to visualize a construction site, and an immediate image that comes to mind is the constant movement that is similar to that of a beehive. With this image it is easy to imagine the variety and number of things that need to be moved. Taking into consideration the previously mentioned concept of matching the tool to the specific job that needs to be accomplished it is easy to see that the way in which the items and materials are moved to their respective areas can have a great affect on the speed and efficiency with which the flow of construction occurs. Just as in the case of a beehive, the rhythm of the amount of things and activities that need to happen simultaneously is very important, and therefore, a wide variety of different types of material handling equipment can be utilized to best maximize the overall jobsite efficiency.

Variety And Specifics

Taking into consideration the increased technology and developments in the material handling equipment industry it is easy to imagine the numerous possibilities that are available when it comes to different and specific types of material handling equipment. For example, some of the broad categories of material handling equipment that are readily available today are hand trucks, platform trucks, carts, dollies, dock and shipping equipment, drum handling equipment and lift equipment. Additionally, as we live in a constantly changing world, where specificity is highly prized, each category of material handling equipment now has a wide range of more specific options that are available to match each specific job need. For example, some of the hand truck options available include:

o    Standard-duty hand trucks

o    Industrial-duty steel hand trucks

o    Aluminum Cobra-lite hand trucks

o    Aluminum standard hand trucks

o    Aluminum heavy-duty

o    Convertible steel hand trucks

o    Touch and tilt drum hand trucks

o    Heavy-duty hand trucks

o    Vending hand trucks

o    Appliance hand trucks

o    Mini-cobra hand trucks

o    High-frame hand trucks

o    Tilting hand trucks

Some of the available options for carts and dollies include:

o    Narrow aisle shelf carts

o    Panel carts

o    Table top office carts

o    Polyethylene tub carts

o    Steel folding handle platform trucks

o    Stainless folding handle platform trucks

o    Aluminum folding handle platform trucks

o    Heavy-duty machine dollies

o    Wood dollies

o    Plastic platform, lightweight folding trucks

Some of the available pallet trucks available include:

o    Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

o    CPII Pallet Truck

o    Standard Deluxe Pallet Truck

o    Electric High Lift Pallet Truck

With the wide range of available options it is possible to find something that suits every price range. Additionally, there are replacement parts available that can help to ensure that the equipment is well maintained. And there are also additional specific equipment accessories that can be purchased and added to the various models to aid in fine-tuning the equipment to better suit the specific job.We at Douglas Equipment, having been in the material handling business for almost sixty years, understand the needs and desires of those requiring equipment. We understand the importance of having the right tool for the job. And we strive to offer the best lines of material handling equipment and accessories so that you can find the exact pieces of equipment that you need to help make your business more efficient. We also strive to offer a large in-stock selection with the best industry prices because we understand that time translates to money in the construction industry.  Please contact us Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, or locally at 305-888-3700. You can also reach us through the Contact Us section on our website.