Best Pallet Levelers for Freight Companies

Best Pallet Levelers for Freight CompaniesAn Often Overlooked Impact

Freight companies play an important role in many peoples’ daily lives. Freight companies are responsible for the transportation and movement of cargo from one place to another, internationally, nationally and locally. Many of the daily products that people around the world use and consume are at one time or another transported by a freight company. Freight companies make it possible for people to access products that just a few years ago would have taken much longer to access. Because freight companies are in the business of moving things and lots of things at that, they strive to move as much and as many of the things that they are moving at a time. In order for the freight companies to do this, one thing that is a staple of the freight industry is the pallet, the square, stackable, usually wooden portable platform used to transport items. The pallet is an often-overlooked item that provides lots of uses. Because the freight industry centers on moving items and shipments from one place to another it is often loading and unloading pallets onto and off of storage shelves, loading docks, trucks, ships, and planes.

The Pallet’s Best Friend

In addition to the use of pallets, there is a piece of equipment that can aid in the loading and unloading of the pallets that makes the job easier, more efficient and safer. The pallet leveler is a piece of moving equipment that moves smoothly up and down as the pallet being used is loaded and unloaded. It expands and compresses as needed to aid in the ease of loading and unloading. It helps to reduce the need for the worker who is loading the pallet by reducing unneeded bending and lifting. By cutting down the physical movement required by the worker it helps to reduce worker fatigue and possible injury from constant overuse. Assisting the worker in his job improves the overall work environment and can increase productivity, efficiency and worker longevity.

Choosing the Best

When choosing the best equipment for any job, it can be daunting in today’s world with the number of available options to choose from. However there are, as in any line of business, a few names that stand out among the rest due to their experience and knowledge of their industry and their repeated consistency in the production of quality products. The freight industry is a constantly moving, on-the-go industry that requires a lot from its workers and the equipment used in its daily activity. It is very important for a hardworking industry to have strong, durable, quality products and equipment. If time is spent fixing broken equipment or money is spent having to replace equipment that wears out before its time, that is time and money lost. Therefore, when it comes to choosing material handling equipment it is important to choose from companies that have a reputation of industry knowledge, experience and quality. And when it comes to moving equipment, one of the most trusted brands in the moving equipment manufacturing business is Wesco.

The Quality Pallet Leveler

Wesco manufactures a myriad of material handling equipment and one of the many pieces of equipment that they make is a heavy-duty pallet leveler. Their heavy-duty pallet leveler comes with many standard features. It is constructed of steel and has three heavy-duty calibrated springs that can be used in combination, depending on the weight of the load being loaded on the pallet. The pallet leveler also has a bearing supported carousel that allows for the entire unit to be turned easily. This reduces strain on the worker and allows for easy maneuverability. Another useful feature is the built-in fork pockets that aid in ease of transport by a fork truck. Overall the Wesco pallet leveler is 36″ wide x 45.5″ long, is 9.25″ compressed and has a 29″ raised height. It has an overall load capacity of 400-4,500 pounds and can hold a load sized 72″ x 50″ x 50″.   It has a carousel diameter of 40.75″ and a rotating ring diameter of 43.5″.  The fork pockets are 39″ x 5.75″.  The overall unit weighs 449 pounds. The design of the pallet leveler allows for ease of use and maintenance with little to no need for tools or adjustment. It is truly a necessity for those in the freight industry when it comes to loading and unloading pallets.

Only the Best Products

As a South Florida company, located in a port city, we are very familiar with the constant movement of freight companies. We at Douglas Equipment know and understand this business very well and we strive to only carry the best products and equipment for our customers. We have a longstanding relationship with Wesco products and carry many of their products. We also strive to help keep our customers informed and our shelves stocked to keep you working at the speed of business that is optimal for your line of work. Especially within the freight industry we understand that time can be money, and therefore, we want to help you make quick and informed decision regarding product and equipment purchase, and we want you to have access to the best products that will aid in improving overall workplace efficiency. We know that an informed customer can make the best choices when it comes to product selection. With the number of things that you have to keep in mind as a business owner or manager we want to take the worry out of choosing the best products for your business. We make it our goal to do our job to the best of our ability so that you can do your job to the best of your ability. Please contact us today Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, or locally at 305-888-3700. You can also reach through the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to choose the best products for your business.