A Douglas Review: Wesco Gator Grip Drum Grab Series 

A Douglas Review: Wesco Gator Grip Drum Grab Series Purchasing the right material handling equipment for your warehouse or manufacturing facility is an important job, and no equipment is more important than drum handling equipment. In many ways inappropriate drum handling can cause many safety and material wastage problems, because if a drum falls from the equipment that is holding it, it can roll causing a risk of hitting employees and even spilling the contents out onto the ground.

When you are lifting and moving drums you want to make sure that they are held tight and do not slip. Anything less is simply unacceptable. This is where the Wesco Gator Grip Grab series is invaluable. This patented technology holds drums like no other system so that they remain firmly in place to avoid spilling and safety hazards.

What is Great About the Wesco Gator Grip Grab Series?

In order to maintain a positive lock on a drum with a traditional drum-handling device, you need to know the drum weight. This means if the drum bounces at all when moving, it may become momentarily weightless which in turn, can cause the standard drum grip to open causing the drum to drop.

The patented Gator Grip Drum Grab eliminates this problem by gripping the top rim of the drum and automatically locking the jaws closed. This grip is maintained even over rough terrain, and can be used not only on steel barrels like some systems, but is equally effective on fiber or poly barrels. If you are moving drums around your warehouse or manufacturing floor look into some of the equipment that is available with Gator Grip.

What Equipment is Available with Gator Grip?

Wesco has incorporated the Gator Grip system into many different drum-handling devices with capacities up to 1,600 lbs., and many devices with single grip and double grip options. The most important safety feature of the Gator Grip system is that it is automatic so that the operator does not need to manually manipulate the attachment mechanism when lifting or releasing drums.

One of the most popular pieces of drum handling equipment that Wesco offers with Gator Grip are the fork lift attachments. These attachments can be mounted onto a fork lift and then used to raise and lower drums without the operator needing to dismount in order to firmly attach the drum to be moved. The spring loaded jaws will hold a drum rim that is 3/16” or higher. Here are two models available:

  • EGG-1 & EGG-2 Fork Truck Fork Attachments: These two attachments for fork lift trucks are designed to firmly attach so that barrels up to 1,000 lbs. can be lifted. The EGG-1 is a single barrel design while the EGG-2 is a double barrel design with respective dimensions of 28” x 34” x 34” (125.5 lbs.) and 33.25” x 34” x 34” (208 lbs.).
  • GG-F1 & GG-F2 Drum Fork Mounts: These two fork mounts are heavy-duty carriage designs to firmly attach barrels up to 1,600 lbs. The GG-F1 is a single barrel design while the GG-F2 is a double barrel design with respective dimensions of 32” x 37” x 28” (244 lbs.) and 32” x 37” x 28” (340 lbs.). These options can include the Gator Belt Option (GGBK), which is in place to protect drums from wear.

Wesco also has single grip drum attachments for their power stacker that mounts to the Wesco power fork stacker carriage and a triple truck that can include a drum attachment and has three position outriggers for greater stability when needed.

Ergonomic Drum Handlers: Five Models with Gator Grip

Wesco’s ergonomic drum handlers are all made standard with the Gator Grip system. The ergonomic handler is available in manual or power lift options and is designed to easily grab and raise a drum into place on a skid into working position on a table, or onto spill or standard pallets. All ergonomic drum handlers support most 30 gallon, 55 gallon or 85 gallon drums constructed from steel, fiber or poly. Drums must have locking rings for a true positive lock to be achieved.

  • Standard Model DM-1100: A manually operated unit with a Wesco made hydraulic pump with rise stroke of 1” that has a capacity of 650 lbs. when retracted and 1,100 lbs. when extended. Unit weight is 355.5 lbs. A high reach model is also available with a longer mast.
  • Scale Model DM-1100-S: This model is designed to include a scale for weighing the drum and contents. Scale accuracy is +/1 0.50% of the applied load (or 1 lb., whichever is greater). Hydraulic lift has a 1” stroke with a retracted capacity of 650 lbs. and an extended capacity of 1,100 lbs. Unit weight is 356 lbs.
  • Power Lift and Drive Model DM-1100-PLD: Incorporating an electric lift rather than the pneumatic manual lift above this model can lift with a rise stroke of 8.5”/second without load. Also included is a unit with powered wheels to drive the unit rather than pushing. Unit weight is 691 lbs. and has equivalent capacities as the manual models, but without the manual input (650 lbs. retracted / 1100 lbs. extended). A powered unit without the drive option is also available.

The Best Place to Purchase Gator Grip Series Equipment

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