Martin Wheel Light Duty Casters

Martin Wheel provides a wide range of Industrial Wheels for casters and material handling equipment. Their product line includes pneumatic casters and forks, light duty casters, zero pressure wheels, flat-free handtruck wheels, and eco-friendly handtruck wheels.

Martin Wheel Casters, Tires and Wheels

  • Martin Wheel Pneumatic CastersPlate Style Pneumatic Casters with Black Tire – Tire ply rating of 2 or 4. Available in swivel or rigid. Capacity 200 – 295 lbs.
  • Plate Style Pneumatic Casters with Grey Non-Marking Tire – 4 tire ply rating. Available in swivel or rigid. Capacity 250 – 295 lbs.
  • Light Duty Swivel and Rigid Casters – Top plate casters. Wheel Type: Soft Rubber, Hard Rubber. Available in swivel, rigid, or swivel with brake. Capacity 90 – 300 lbs.
  • Martin Wheel Replacement Pneumatic Caster ForksReplacement Pneumatic Caster Forks – Available in swivel or rigid.  3.40″ or 4.10″ tire ply rating. Maximum load of 250 – 295 lbs.
  • Zero Pressure Light/Medium Duty Industrial Semi-Pneumatic 1 pc. Welded Wheels – Tread types: Chevron, Rib, or Turf. Capacity 150 – 625 lbs.
  • Zero Pressure Light Industrial Semi-Pneumatic 1 pc. Thru-Tube Wheels – Rib tread. 150 – 200 lbs capacity.
  • Zero Pressure Light/Medium Duty Industrial Semi-Pneumatic 1 pc. Thru-Tube Wheels – Rib tread. 200 – 350 lbs capacity.
  • Zero Pressure Medium/Heavy Duty Industrial Solid 1 pc. Polypropylene Wheels – Rib tread. 350 – 850 lbs capacity.
  • 4ever Flat-Free Handtruck Wheel – Sawtooth tread. White rim. Maximum load of 250 lbs.
  • Eco-Friendly Handtruck and Material Handling Wheels – Made from crumb rubber recycled from automobile and truck tires and plastics using 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Maximum load capacity of 350 – 850 lbs.

Douglas Equipment – The Source for Martin Wheels 

Our team works with you to decide which Martin wheels, tires, or casters are the right fit for your application. We have an extensive stock of Martin wheels and casters in our Miami warehouse. And whatever we don’t have in stock, we can get for you.

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