Find Light Duty Ladder Casters at Wholesale Prices

Find Light Duty Ladder Casters at Wholesale PricesIn many cases, the only thing better than a great, light-duty ladder caster is a bulk amount of light-duty ladder casters offered at a discount price! That’s exactly what customers will find when they shop with Douglas Equipment, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of casters and a company notoriously committed to offering a great deal on all kinds of commercial material-handling equipment. Of course, there are more reasons to buy light-duty casters than just taking advantage of discount prices. Buyers who are in the market for replacement casters, or casters designed to make equipment mobile for the first time, have a variety of options to choose from.

With Douglas Equipment, you’ll learn about different types of ladder casters that are suitable for specific purposes and also built for specific temperatures and climates.

If you plan to spend a considerable amount of money on a bulk supply of ladder casters, there are some steps you to take so that you’re not spending your company’s money on the wrong type of caster. Here are some basic things to check off your list when searching for the right ladder caster.

  • Make sure the caster is safely designed to work with a ladder

The idea of a ladder on wheels might a bit concerning. Safety is the main factor here and precautionary measures always need to be executed anytime a ladder is use—with or without wheel.  A number of incidents can go wrong when operating a ladder on wheels.  Being mobile while in use is probably at the top of many people’s concerns. So, why go through the trouble of using a ladder with wheels? Isn’t standing on a swivel office chair to change a light bulb just as effective…and dangerous?

Luckily, there’s a great way to ensure that any ladder caster stays in place and doesn’t unexpectedly spill an individual across the work floor, causing you a possible liability lawsuit and worse, bodily injury to the employee.

  • Purchase a ladder caster with gravity lock brakes

Known as gravity lock, this type of technology is responsible for sensing someone’s weight on the ladder and immediately locking the caster into place so that no unexpected movement occurs. The caster actually settles under the weight of an individual and a brake is applied to the caster wheel for the duration of their time on the ladder. Once they step off of the ladder, the brake is released and free to roam around the work floor until someone else steps on its first rung.

  • Choose the right stem length for the ladder in question

Casters designed for ladders and other equipment typically come in a variety of stem lengths. Those stems are designed to fit perfectly inside pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the ladder itself, keeping the wheel secure and ensuring the ladder remains mobile in a variety of conditions. A stem that is too short might easily fall out during some applications, while stems that are too long will cause the ladder to rest on the stem itself, providing an uneven and unpredictable experience for workers.

The best approach is to either measure the existing caster that’s in place, or check the ladder’s specifications to determine which stem length is appropriate. With a little research, the ladder’s integrity can be maintained and the right caster can easily be purchased on sale.

What NOT to do…

What you shouldn’t do is substitute a ladder caster for a top plate caster. Don’t get tempted to purchase these just because they might be less expensive. You run more of a hazard risk using top plate casters. Screws can get loose and disconnect from the ladder. This could lead to catastrophic disaster.

Ladder Casters Options that Douglas Equipment Carries

Douglas Equipment has two types of ladder casters:

  • 2” Wheel Diameter
  • 3” Wheel Diameter

Both have a tread material of soft rubber and a plain bearing type. The 2” has a dynamic load of 80lbs. with a mounting height of 2 ½” and a swivel radius of 1 13/16”. The 3” holds 110lbs. with a mounting height of 3 11/16” and a swivel radius of 2 3/8”.

For both of these options, you’ll find that bot stems are designed specifically for rolling ladders. These casters do not include a spring. They each have a zinc finish with dual ball bearings.

Douglas Equipment. The Leading Supplier of Ladder Casters

Choosing a caster means finding the best supplier with the right options for the ladder in question. Among all of the companies competing for business in this space, Douglas Equipment stands out as the best choice. In addition to the Shepherd Ladder Casters, we also stock a wide variety of casters for whatever purpose your company needs. We also offer casters from the following companies:

  • Colson
  • Albion
  • Algood
  • Bestway Casters
  • Blickle
  • Darnell-Rose
  • Rhombus

And more!

Get a Quote for Your Supply of Ladder Casters

Find out just what kind of discount you can get for your Light-Duty Ladder Caster. Request a quote online from Douglas Equipment online where you can specify the product details and the conditions in which your ladder caster will be used. Our wide selection of products, knowledgeable sales team, and industry experience makes us a sound choice for light-duty ladder casters — and anything else a business might need. Contact us today or call us toll-free at 1-800-451-0030!