Why Kick Stop Speciality Casters are Perfect for Medical Equipment

Why Kick Stop Speciality Casters are Perfect for Medical EquipmentIf you’re doing business in an industry that involves medical equipment and searching for casters to add or aid to its mobility, there are several factors you need to take into consideration for adequate maneuverability.

Casters need to be reliable and perform with excellence when it comes to debris and hazardous materials like chemicals. They also need to be hygienic and easy to clean and disinfect. There’s not a more crucial environment that needs to be kept spotlessly clean than a medical facility. A good medical facility will operate in a fashion where it is preventing the spread of germs and other unwanted materials that could be detrimental to a person’s health and well-being. The transporting of medical equipment could make this task challenging.

Medical equipment needs to be easily maneuvered and remain in place while it is in use. These aspects should be key to your operation. The team here at Douglas Equipment highly recommends the use of kick-stop specialty casters.

Engage Kick Stop Brakes Quickly Without Having to Bend Down

Kick-stop casters are fitted with firm brakes that are applied and locked by use of the foot. Once you have placed your caster-mounted piece of medical equipment exactly where you want it, you simply apply the brake on as many of the casters as necessary. The easily engaged foot brake stops the wheel from rotating and the caster from swiveling. Your equipment will remain stable and secure until you unlock the brakes to move again.

These casters are superb performers and are constructed from strong pressure die-cast metal. This offers added durability making them extremely reliable ensuring years of superb service.

The kick-stop casters are constructed with a precision axle that’s built to precise tolerances. This means that your caster will always roll smoothly for as long as it remains in operation. The fully die-cast aluminum construction allows them to roll with ease, while still remaining extremely strong.

You have two choices when it comes to the finish – standard white or ball-burnished and lacquered.

Kick Stop Specialty Casters are Ideal for Other Uses Besides Medical Equipment

While this caster is undoubtedly primed for use with medical and diagnostic equipment, it can be utilized in a number of other light-duty applications. For example, these casters can be used with computer equipment, electronic equipment and other high-tech and high-specification products.

There are four choices when it comes to the caster wheel itself:

  1. Grey polyurethane
  2. Black polyurethane
  3. Anti-static black rubber
  4. Grey rubber

Depending upon the caster configuration you choose, the casters have a load-bearing capacity of between 132 and 175 pounds or between 70 and 80 kilos.

If you have any questions about the suitability of these casters for your specific application, or if you wish to receive a quote based on the specifications you desire, the team at Douglas Equipment will be extremely happy to assist you. You can contact us online via our web form, or you can call us toll-free at 1-800-451-0030.